Friday, October 28, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Well, I have been gone but I'm coming back stronger
than ever!! What started out as "Stuff" at work and became "Your Stuff" to my friends around the globe (or at least in NY) has now become the blogg site "Stuff Daddy." One, because its really easier this way and two, because you never know....

On the eighteenth of October I was driving home with exciting plans for the newest edition of "Your Stuff" inhabiting my head. Sadly, the "Your Stuff" plans were stolen, by a nice old Russian woman, who really shouldn't be driving, who pulled into the middle of Route twenty, just when I and everyone else on the road had agreed that I was using it. Luckily, the argument was handled strictly by our cars, which I'm afraid, got into quite a fight. It was fatal for both brave vehicles. I was shaken up and my arm had "air bag burn" which I may have just named, but I was fine and so was the old lady. I know she was fine because she yelled at me for being on the road for ten minutes until the police arrived.. She was given a ticket, I had a gracious witness and Hopefully by Monday I will have a new car. (new, old car)

But you guys have a brand new Site!! Onward!!!-Jared, The Stuff Daddy

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