Saturday, October 29, 2005

Rambo 4? Um.....Have you tried Golf, Sly?

Just gotta say, I love Sly! 'Rocky' was an awesome, thoughtful and quite independant film! He is a smart and thoughtful man. But this isn't the way to get back the spotlight!

John Rambo is set to strap on his headband
and jump back onto the silver screen!

From: Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. So it looks to finally be happening for Sly. He's got his Old-timer ROCKY flick up and running and just nailed down $50 million to make RAMBO 4, which is supposed to be more FIRST BLOOD than RAMBO Part 2 or 3. Apparently in the one John Rambo is living a reclusive lifestyle, but is compelled to return to action in order to help find a missing a girl, taking justice into his own hands. I'm a big fan of the first two RAMBO flicks and even enjoy RAMBO 3 on a crazy-over-the-top level, so this is good news for me! What do you folks think?

What do I think? We need another Rambo movie like we need another Austin Powers Movie, Yankees Victory, Madonna acting sexual in any way, Ricky Martin Video or Highlander movie!! Kill to birds with one stone! Have Rocky VS. Rambo, call it: Stallone: The Groveling! Plus, this generation won't know what the movie is about!! "Why is that old guy doing a movie named after my dog?"

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