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More Mutants in X-Men? Fountain Trailer!

The Fountain Teaser Trailer is Out!
I Am Excited!
Not much to go on but this thing looks awesome! I feel that giddy possibility that like great Sci Fi, which is rare, this could be the best of all worlds, psychological, adventure, drama and popcorn. Let me know what you think!!

Check it out HERE!

Apple has posted an exclusive internet trailer for Darren Aronofsky's sci-fi film The Fountain, starring Hugh Jackman, and Rachel Weisz. The film follows the journey of one man in the present as well as both 500 years in the past and into the future. Among the issues it tackles are love, death and immortality.

Superman Returns Teaser to Air During Smallville

From Here!

Source: Rakesh, sander 18 November 15, 2005

The WB has announced that the new Superman Returns teaser trailer will air during Smallville on Thursday. The show airs at 8/7c.

The teaser will be online that night at 9/8c. It will also play with select screenings of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," which opens in theaters on Friday.

Here is a description of the Superman Returns teaser trailer that will hit the TV, the Internet and theaters this week:

"The Planet Krypton" begins -

The WB logo rolls in - fade to the Legendary Pictures logo - fade to the DC Logo

Marlon Brando Voice Over. - One of the first shots is a long fade in to the Kent mailbox with the incredible sky behind it, just like the wallpaper on the OS.

Intercut are shots of young clark falling the through the barn roof, him jumping over cornfields, daily planet exterior shots, Lois and Clark, superman flying, Martha Kent walking toward the ship, A shot of what looked like remnants of krypton.

A beautiful shot of a red/yellow lit sky and Superman flying up right in front of the sun.

Crowd shots. a close up of Superman's face as Jor-El says, "For this reason, above all, I have sent them you, my only son."

A shot of Superman in space looking at earth listening, trying to hear where the danger is and then blasting toward earth.

Black - Superman S/ logo fades in... fade out to


Michelle Rodriguez to Play Tigress?
I'm not at all sure who she going to play in what comic book movie, but I would love her to be Tigra!!! She would be an incredible Tigra!! Between her and Rosario Dawson movies have finally brought the Post feminist Bad girl to the forefront. She's got sex appeal, but she's her own woman, not a skinny little Buffy clone, but a real strong kickass woman. Just like Tigra should be played.

Source: USA Today November 16, 2005
In a USA Today article talking about her character on "Lost," which includes spoilers on the show, it says Michelle Rodriguez will play Tigress:
She shot Shannon; what's Ana Lucia's next target?
By William Keck, USA TODAY
Last week, Michelle Rodriguez became the most despised person on television when her Lost character, Ana Lucia, accidentally killed Shannon (Maggie Grace) with a gunshot to the chest. Though that's the reaction Lost producers had hoped for, Rodriguez was irate when she read the script.

Rodriguez has played tough before, but her biggest challenge may be to win audience sympathy for her Lost character, Ana Lucia.
"I was pissed off," admits Rodriguez, petting her cat, Precious, inside the modestly decorated home she has lived in for the past three years. "I just signed on to the show, and everybody's going to hate me! What am I — the bad guy now?"

Apparently so.

Ever since Ana Lucia Cortez, who was briefly introduced late last season in one of Jack's airport flashbacks, was revealed to be alive with a handful of other survivors from Oceanic Airlines Flight 815's tail section, she has relentlessly bullied Michael and Jin. And most unforgivable: She has turned last year's bad boy, Sawyer, into her patsy

"Catty and bossy" is how Rodriguez, 27, describes Ana Lucia. But that's not how the character, originally conceived as a woman in her 40s, was pitched by Lost producers.

"They told me she was somewhat of a control freak, but that the character would arc. My meeting with (producers) J.J. (Abrams), Damon (Lindelof) and Carlton (Cuse) was that I'm tired of Hollywood typecasting me in the same thing. I'm pretty much Ramb-ina."

The Jersey City-raised Rodriguez punched out a niche for herself as a go-to tough gal with her breakout role in 2000's Girlfight. Similar film roles followed with The Fast and the Furious (2001), Blue Crush (2002) and S.W.A.T. (2003).

Gripe as she might about the roles she's offered, Hollywood continues calling. She has two horror movies in the can (BloodRayne, due Jan. 6, and The Breed, due later in 2006) and has signed a deal with Marvel Comics' Stan Lee to develop a film version of Conan the Barbarian comic book villainess Tigress.

One offer she had to turn down: a role on Desperate Housewives as the girlfriend of Eva Longoria's philandering lawn boy lover, John (Jesse Metcalfe).

"You think I'm going to be the girl to get cheated on?" she scoffs. "Give me a break!"
Asserting her independence, the single actress wears a $5 brass band on her wedding finger — purchased in Hawaii during her Blue Crush film shoot as a sign of her marriage to herself — and rents a house on Oahu's north shore, far from other Lost cast members' homes.
Though she gets along with the whole cast, she has grown closest to Lost's other two new regulars, Cynthia Watros (Libby) and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Eko). "We've definitely grown a bond together," says Rodriguez. "Cynthia's always cracking jokes whenever she sees someone sad. And Adewale's this quiet cat, but always has an answer if you have a problem."
The owner of five pit bulls at her 28-acre New Jersey residence, Rodriguez admits, "I wouldn't think twice about killing somebody if they were trying to kill me." But that's Rodriguez. Ana Lucia, she says, "needs to lighten up."

And that's what Lost producers intend to do — in time. Lindelof warned Rodriguez in advance, "You will have to be the tough girl for a while, because that is how people know you. But then we're going to peel back the layers, just how we do with all the characters."

Viewers will see another side of Ana Lucia emerge over the next few episodes. Tonight's installment (ABC, 9 ET/PT) is devoted to the post-crash back story of Ana Lucia and the other "tailies."

Next week, she takes center stage when flashbacks reveal her surprising pre-crash occupation.

"It's a very significant and interesting vocation that I don't think people will have seen coming, considering the kind of person she is," Lindelof teases. "Her flashback takes place two or three years prior to the crash and reveals her first day back on the job after being away for a while."

And throughout the season, Ana Lucia will be dealing with Shannon's death.

"It's our job as writers," Lindelof says, "and Michelle's job as an actor to gain back the audience's sympathy."
(Marvel's Tigra)
The villainess Tigress is a DC Comics character, however. The Marvel Comics character is Tigra, a hero and a former Avenger. It's unclear which one the newspaper is referring to.

Emma....Hellfire Club?
The image

Good Golly, this is just too much, I am getting a sugar rush from the vast amount of mutants they are sweetening this movie up with. All this means to me is less time per mutant or a lot of Cameos. Still...I need to see Frazier with blue fur....I'm holding on for dear life with the hope that they don't ruin anymore characters the way they did Storm. You know Storm. right? Who should have been played by Angela Bas...oh I mentioned this before, haven't I? On with the story and then let's do a fun Character History on these Femme Fatals.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find pictures of this character with clothes on?

More mutants??? Oh yes. You thought it was over, and now there's more mutants being thrown in the mix! We've received an update this morning from someone who would like to remain anomynous. The same person who sent us the info, had sent the news to The X-Verse as well. Many parts of the e-mails have been edited out, for the safety of the person who sent the info to us. Read what she had to tell us, and begin drooling: "Two models have signed a deal with Marvel Entertainment to be in the X-men 3 movie (or a possible spin off of the film).
The image

Their names are Ashley Hartman (tv's The OC) and

The image

Mercedes Scelba-Shorte (tv's America's Next Top Model). Ashley and Mercedes both have acting [and modeling] credits. Neither of them are just extra's either. Let me know if you need any extra info..." Of course we e-mailed back asking for more info!
"Here's the 411: Mercedes is playing a mutant simply known as M. Ashley is portraying Emma Frost. They both signed for roles in X-Men 3 directed by Brett Ratner." Could these roles in X3 be special cameos for the X-MEN spin-off writer Zak Penn is doing for 20th Century Fox? Rumblings say his idea for a film will feature a younger generation of mutants! We can't confirm the size of their roles in the film. They might be the smallest of cameo's, so stay tuned for more info on that in the future!
For those not in the know, M equals Monet St. Croix from the old Marvel Comic X-MEN spin-off, GENERATION X! She's a mutant with amazing strength, telepathy, and the ability to fly! Of course, Emma Frost aka The White Queen is the attractive, yet deadly mutant who's currently a member of the X-Men team, but has had a past as a villainess. She was also once the head mentor of the Generation X team.

The image

Real name: Emma Grace Frost Status: Active Affiliations: X-Men, Xavier Institute headmistress and mentor of the Hellions squad Previous affiliations: Hellfire Club, Generation X Notable aliases: White Queen Notable relatives: Winston Frost (father), Hazel Frost (mother), Christian Frost (brother)Adrienne Frost (sister, deceased,) Cordelia Frost (sister) Notable powers: Telepathy, ability to turn to diamond while retaining mobility. Emma Grace Frost, also known as the White Queen, once fought against the X-Men as a member of the Hellfire C lub, but later reformed and became a member of the superhero team. The Hellfire Club and Massachusetts Academy Stuff Daddy fact: There was a real Hellfire Club, an underground secret group of sex hedonists located in the Boston area and reportedly chartered by that pervert Benjamin Franklin! Emma Frost first appeared as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, a group of superhumans who dressed in 18th century clothing and plotted world domination. Frost and the Club's agents captured several members of the X-Men. Frost engaged the Phoenix in a psychic battle, which she lost badly, but recovered. During her time with the Hellfire Club, Frost also ran the Massachusetts Academy, a school for mutants which served as a counterpoint to that of X-Men founder Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Frost's trainees became the supervillain team the Hellions and fought Xavier's young students the New Mutants. At one point, Frost began privately training a young mutant named Angelica Jones to be her personal bodyguard and assassin in reaction to political in-fighting among the Hellfire Club. Jones eventually discovered Frost was manipulating her and broke free from her control to later become the super-heroine Firestar. Death of the Hellions In Uncanny X-Men #281 (1991), the time traveling mutant Trevor Fitzroy unleashed the mutant-hunting robots called the Sentinels on Frost and the Hellions. Frost was left in a coma by the attack and her students were killed. Although one of the Hellions--Tarot somehow returned to life several months later. The X-Men cared for the comatose Frost at their headquarters. Later, she awoke and possessed the body of the X-Man Iceman. She escaped the X-Men, but she was devastated when she discovered the deaths of her students and Xavier was able to coax her back into her own body. Generation X Xavier paired Frost with the X-Man Banshee to mentor the teenage mutant team Generation X at Frost's Massachusetts Academy after the two had teamed up to stop the Phalanx. Banshee never fully trusted Frost, despite an undercurrent of sexual tension between the two, and even some of her students were skeptical of her. After Frost's business ventures took a bad turn, she turned to her estranged sister Adrienne for help. Adrienne, a psychometrist, offered financial assistance but demanded to be co-headmistress of the school in return. Adrienne secretly plotted against Emma and planted a bomb at the school, which killed Synch, one of Emma's students. Emma tracked down and murdered Adrienne and then returned to the Academy, growing increasingly distant from her students in an effort to hide her crime. This, combined with Banshee's increasing depression and drunkenness following the death of his long-time lover Moira MacTaggert, led the students to leave, disbanding Generation X. X-Men Afterwards, Frost traveled to the mutant haven island of Genosha. There, Frost ran and taught at a mutant school until a genocidal Sentinel attack killed most the island's population. Frost survived only due to the sudden manifestation of her secondary mutation: the power to transform herself into a flexible, diamond-like substance that provides her near-invulnerability. Frost then joined the X-Men and taught at Xavier's newly-reopened school. She began to have a sexual telepathic relationship with the X-Man Cyclops who had became distant from his wife Jean Grey, due to his temporary physical and mental merger with the mutant immortal, Apocalypse. She also started to look after and train a group of telepathic quintuplets known as the Stepford Cuckoos. During a riot at the school, one of the Cuckoos was killed and the others left Emma, blaming her for the death. Soon afterword, she was found, by her fellow X-Man Beast, in her diamond shape, totally shattered. It was soon revealed that one of the Cuckoos, Esme, was responsible. She had been working behind the scenes with Magneto (who would later be revealed to be an impostor of the man). After Esme turned on "Magneto" when he rejected her advances, she was killed by him. The three remaining Cuckoos have since returned to Emma, even though in another incarnation of the X-Men, X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, a video game, shows the remaining Stepford Cuckoos seeking revenge. Following Jean Grey's apparent death, Cyclops and Emma became lovers, despite the criticism from their teammates. The two took over the school after Professor Xavier stepped down, where Frost became co-headmaster with Cyclops and advisor to the new Hellions. Powers and abilities Emma Frost is a mutant, a human who is born with superhuman powers acquired through evolution. She is a powerful telepath and has some skill at creating electronic devices. Recently, she developed a secondary mutation: the ability to transform herself into a flexible, translucent diamond-like substance. When she is in this state, she supposedly cannot use her telepathic powers (although this limitation has been portrayed inconsistently by different writers). In this state she has superhuman endurance and augmented physical strength.

Prior to Bryan Singer's and screenwriter Dan Harris' decision to leave the X-movie franchise, it was rumoured Sigourney Weaver would play an empathic Emma Frost in X-Men 3.
That's just the right kind of evil, though a bit older.

M (Monet St. Croix)

As M, Monet St. Croix possesses a plethora of superpowers; she is able to fly, possesses superstrength and superhuman reflexes, can manipulate dimensional gateways and also possess telepathy. The Moroccan mutant also possesses a sizable attitude and a large chip on her shoulder, to the say the least. M quickly clashed with many of her her Generation X teammates and often earned their irritation with her condescending attitude and occasional arrogance.

As her often-rival Jubilee put it, M's mutant power appeared to be simply "being perfect." In truth, Monet St. Croix had survived an incredible series of ordeals, including her brother Emplate, and had become self-reliant and outwardly harsh and defensive to make up for her fear and insecurity. The one other person she let see her vulnerabilities was Everett Thomas, Synch, who she started a romantic relationship with.

M was one of the most devastated of the team members when Synch sacrificed his own life to stop an exploding bomb that had been placed at the academy by Emma Frost's cruel sister, Adrienne. Soon after Synch's death, the team rapidly began to fall apart, even as Monet began to open up and act a little more human and vulnerable around her teammates. Following the bomb incident, Monet began to observe Emma Frost acting strangely villainous and the entire team questioned her leadership abilities, particularly when combined with Banshee's relapse into alcoholism following the death of his lover, Moira MacTaggart.

DC Comics from the 50's and 60's can be just plain silly:
Reason # 10023

Huh? 1950's Superman- I guess they were trying to say something, but what?
Stupid white men.


Kizzy " Girlie with the Curlies"
Black Lois Lane

I came across this DC Comic Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #106 I am curious (BLACK)! from a link that was orginially posted in I did some research, in hopes of finding a copy, only to find out that was orignally published in 1958. Which means that any lingering copies of said comic were probably burned, destroyed, or are probably locked away in someone's adolecent (and forgotten) trunk. I was able to find an article in, with some pictures and a plot. What follows is an excerpt: "The cover depicts Lois Lane placed into a machine. Superman flips a switch and Lois magically transforms into a black woman for 24 hours.

The story begins with Lois assigned to do a story on Metropolis's urban area that Lois refers to Little Africa. It seems that all black people refuse to submit to an interview done by Miss Whitey. Young children, old blind ladies, and even people on the street hate white people. With Superman's help Lois is placed inside the Plastimold and the Transformoflux Pack invented by Dahr-Nel, Kryptonian Surgeon."

Part of me wants to laugh out loud, another cry with shame. But I can't. It was 1958. Whitey was scared. They had every right to be. We were planning the revolution at the time, and nothing seemed right. Everyone was suspicious. Especially white reporters? (...ha!) Regardless, it makes me want to pull out my Dashiki and head wrap. The story goes on to come to a peaceful resolution where the once outspoken revolitionary, takes a liking to the Nubian Lois is accidentally shot while trying to break up a street fight. (As there are many fights in "Little Africa" - lest we forget.) Superman swoops in to save the day, and scoops up both our young revolutionary and our Nubian Lois. While at the (black) hospital, we find that there isn't enough blood, but luckily Lois has his same blood type. Since we humans are all essentially red and fleshy...she offers up a pint. The conclusion of the story is harmony- we're all the same inside. I get that. You couldn't have hit me harder over the head with that idea if you tried.

My only problem is...well...I guess I really don't have a problem with this. I think I need to sit down. Take a minute and think this over...there must be something wrong here....... I'll have to get back to you on this. UPDATE> I've had some time to think on it. Still not happy with the conclusion. My reasons? The onus of racism is deflected. The whole point is oversimplified to "they hate us" NOT "they fear us...and for good reason" OR even something that might be "they hate us, because of what we did to them." That and the story is trite, and stereotypical. Although I do like the fact that the artist made Lois look better as a black woman...(an increase in bust size, more hips, and of course 'black' lips) maybe he had some jungle fever? Regardless, the resolution ISN'T a real resolution. In fact I'd say that it's Superman to save the day yet again - let's get whitey to help us out.... Then again I may just be expecting far too much from a comic book from 1958.

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