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A Spider-Man 3 Villain Revealed!

Source: Superhero Hype!
November 5, 2005

Sony Pictures has revealed a first look at a villain, played by Thomas Haden Church, from the highly-anticipated Spider-Man 3 at the film's official website. The studio is keeping the villain's name under wraps (though the Flint Marko name and clothes should give it away!) and you can talk about the new photo on the message boards!

Spider-Man 3, directed by Sam Raimi and produced by Laura Ziskin and Marvel Studios' Avi Arad, swings into theaters on May 4, 2007. Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco are joined by Church and Topher Grace in the third installment of the blockbuster franchise.

The "Spider-Man" film franchise has grossed more than $1.5 billion in worldwide ticket sales to date. Production on the third film, which was written by Alvin Sargent, is scheduled to begin early next year.
Thomas Haden Church
Thomas Haden Church as Flint Marko
Some Stuff Daddy BackStuff!!

The Sandman (William Baker, alias Flint Marko) is a comic book supervillian in the Marvel Comics universe, and an enemy of Spider-Man. He was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #4 (1963).

The Sandman has the ability to transform into a malleable sand-like substance which can be hardened, dispersed, or shaped according to his will. He possesses vast superhuman strength several times in excess of Spider-Man's, making him an equal to The Thing (85-Ton Level). This ability came from an incident of accidental radiation bombardment on an atomic bomb testing beach, the result of which was that Marko's molecules merged with that of the sand under him.

In addition to his many crime sprees, Sandman has served as a founding member of the Frightful Four which often tangled with the Fantastic Four, and of the Sinister Six which frequently battled Spider-Man and the Hulk.

At one point, after a humiliating experience of temporarily becoming a monster after he merged with Hydro-Man, he reformed, thanks in part to the support of the Thing, and became a member of the Avengers, and later a mercenary in the employ of Silver Sable. He later reverted to his villainous ways, claiming to have been faking his heroic career, although it was revealed that the Wizard had used his mind-controlling "Id Machine" to force him to act as a villain.

Later, Sandman joined an incarnation of the Sinister Six, working with Venom. It was in this incarnation that Venom bit the Sandman, poisoning him, making his body crumble. He blamed Spider-Man in the beginning but he then asked him to deliver a message to his mother. The Sandman crumbled to pieces and seemingly died, dispersing down a sewer drain.

However, Marko was in actuality not dead. His sandy remains eventually became spread out over Jones Beach, New York, with his mind and personality scattered. The beach Sandman had now merged with and taken control over began to mindlessly swallow up people into the sand, in an unconscious attempt to slowly piece himself back together. Spider-Man tried to free the captured people from the Sandman's consciousness, only succeeding when Marko exploded from containing too many clashing mindsets. Relatively soon afterward, the sand that Sandman's body was composed of spread to different areas around New York, and all of the different aspects and personalities of Sandman's shattered mind formed into their own individual beings - Marko's good side, evil side, feminine side and childlike, infant side were all separated to different parts of the city. After they were all finally merged back together into one again, the standard evil side of his personality once again became the dominant one, and the criminal named the Sandman is once again at large.

Good News for all Of Us!

Oh my... Scarlett Johansson is playing a non-Wonder Woman AMAZON warrior?
Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with probably the most headscratching of all the news that hit tonight. I love Scarlett Johansson and have a big-big crush on her... I don't know if it was Variety's unfortunate use of the word "gladiatrix" or if there's something more, but something doesn't sit right with me on this... The film is called AMAZON and follows the CONAN forumla of a warrior that exacts revenge on an army for destroying their homeland. It's set in 200 B.C. and Moshe Diamant's Signature Pictures has made the deal to finance it as a vehicle for Ms. Johansson, who supposedly mentioned wanting to play an Amazon warrior to co-producers Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci (screenwriters of THE ISLAND). Howard McCain and Dirk Blackman, who just wrote that Viking flick OUTLANDER that Karl Urban is shooting in New Zealand, are writing the script. I dunno about this one... but I will say I'm looking forward for Johansson's outfits.


What Might Have Been

The new issue of In Focus Magazine has a wide-ranging interview with Harold Ramis. The "Ice Harvest" director yaks about "Caddyshack," "Groundhog Day" – and the aborted third "Ghostbusters" movie, which would have sent Peter, Ray and Egon to Hell.


Ramis in his "Ghostbusters" days, with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.

My editor is begging me to ask you three questions about "Ghostbusters 3."
The non-existent film?

Yes. He would like to know about the non-existent film. My understanding is that it would have sent Peter, Ray and Egon to Hell.
Yes. "Ghostbusters go to Hell" was Danny Aykroyd's concept for it.

What was your favorite scene from that script that we'll likely never see?
Well, we never really got down to an actual scenario. We had a story. Part of the fun of "Ghostbusters" was developing some kind of lamebrained scientific explanation for what was going on, and I take credit for this:

What Danny had originally conceived was sending us to a special-effects Hell — a netherworld full of phenomenal visual environments and boiling pits and all that stuff.

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He does tend to think big when he's writing these, doesn't he?
Oh, he's amazing. [laughs] But my thought was that what works so well about the first two is the mundane-ness of it all. So my notion was that Hell exists simultaneously, and in the same place as our consensus reality. But it's like a film shutter — it's the darkness between the 24 frames. When we're blinking on, they're off — so we blink alternately with this other reality, which is Hell.

So all the Ghostbusters would need to do [to go to Hell] is take themselves "out of phase" one beat. And we create a device to do it, and it's in a warehouse in Brooklyn. And when we step out of the chamber, it looks just like New York — but it's Hell. Everything's gridlocked — no cars are moving, no vehicles are moving, and all the drivers are swearing at each other in different foreign languages. No two people speak the same language. It's all the worst things about modern urban life, just magnified.

And Heaven was across the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey — which was irony. The Ghostbusters had to make this journey from lower Manhattan to the George Washington Bridge.

It sort of makes me sad that I'm not gonna see that.
Yeah. There was a good structure — because some of us were in Hell, while some of us were in the real world, tracking our journey through Hell. We had new Ghostbusters and old Ghostbusters.

I've read that you had a next-gen cast in mind. If you were casting those roles today, who would play the younger Ghostbusters?
Well, we had Chris Farley as one of them, Ben Stiller as one of them…. It was a while ago

Here's Uma as the Super Ex-Girlfriend!

Source: Dante November 7, 2005

The first pictures of Uma Thurman in her superhero costume for 20th Century Fox's Super Ex-Girlfriend can be found online here!

In the action-comedy, also starring Luke Wilson, Anna Faris and Eddie Izzard, a man (Wilson) finds out that his girlfriend is a superhero. But when he breaks up with her for being too neurotic and controlling, she uses her super powers to torment and embarass him.

Ivan Reitman directs the film, scheduled for a July 14, 2006 release

Superman trailer details!
Nov. 7, 2005

Source: JoBlo.com by: Mike Sampson
I was thinking about passing on my invitation to see an early screening of HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE but with this news, I'm thinking of reconsidering. As rumored, the teaser trailer for SUPERMAN RETURNS will be attached to all prints of POTTER. I can also reveal that the teaser will have a runtime of one minute and 33 seconds. No word yet on content, but I'm checking into that now (along with when and where the teaser will debut online) and will hopefully have a report up soon. If that weren't enough, GOBLET OF FIRE will also see the debut of the teaser for M. Night Shyamalan's next film, LADY IN THE WATER. That film stars Paul Giamatti and Bryce Dallas Howard in the story of a nymph found in a apartment complex swimming pool and the quest to return her to the fantasy world from which she came. The teaser for LADY will run approximately 1:50 and will be an "accompaniment," which can be described as a step up from "in the can" but not quite attached to the print as SUPERMAN RETURNS will be. Stay tuned to JoBlo.com for more on this as it develops...

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