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X-Men, Sandman & Superman:The Future!

Will I Love X3?
I truly don't know.  I hate the fact that they are pushing this movie into Summer with the hopeless frantic energy of a crackhead at a "all the crack you can carry" sale filling his clothes with so much crack he could never walk home.  Ahhh, the simply joys of a stunning yet biting analogy, but I digress... 20th Century Fox or 21st Century Fox or Fox better know what they're doing.  I love the "Dark Phoenix" story and will be overjoyed if they pull it off (so will you) but I fear the last minute Director changes, the addition of way too many new characters and the three big mistakes I may not be able to take; The diminishment of Clyclops' importance to the Jean Grey story, The elimination of Nightcrawler from the franchise and The non replacement of Halle Berry with the true physical and dramatic realization in the form of Angela Basset. (okay I knew that wasn't gonna happen, she needs a check after Catwoman)
Lots of cool new characters in this though, Omega Red, Mutiple Man, Juggernaut, Angel, and no Gambit, which is fine with me.  We don't need no discount Wolverine. I am most excited about the whole Kelsey Grammer/Frazier/Hank McKoy casting, which I am too excited to see and too nervous to appreciate.  It will either suck or be as good as Wolvie was in that first scene in the bar in X1. Leave Gambit for the next film when they try to "Batman and Robin" X4 into the ground with even more mutants and bad 80's or 90's stories.  I think Claude van Damne begged them to put him into X2 as Gambit, but back then Bryan Singer knew better.  By X4 it'll be like a crackhead bouncer, letting everyone in the door who gives him crack, till he's so high on crack he can't guard the door.  (Stupid Crackhead) It'll be like the opening scene in Austin Powers 3 where everyone in Hollywood finally shows up to recognize success, only to watch the project sink into the overplayed sea of mediocrity called "Most Hollywood Stuff!"  (Whenever I write the word crackhead, I hear Chris Rock saying it in my head.  Cause no one says the word "Crackhead" better than he does.  Go Chris!!)
Bill Duke Speaks on X3

FROM THE INSIDE LOOKING OUT: Actor/director Bill Duke, who plays 50 Cent's father in "Get Rich or Die Tryin' " - hitting theaters today - says he was relieved to not be the one at the helm. Notes Duke, who has directed such flicks as "Sister Act 2," "On my way home, I'd see Jim Sheridan with his head in his hands, worrying about the next day's work, and be happy to be an actor this time." In fact, the Irish filmmaker is the reason Duke came on board. "I just wanted the opportunity to work with somebody of that caliber," he notes. "Jim is a director who really pushes you to the very edge because he wants the best all the time."'

More recently, Duke acted in Brett Ratner's "X-Men 3," which he claims will differ quite a bit from the first two. "I think you're going to find a lot of levels to this movie. Brett brings a certain amount of detail, and he's really committed to telling a story. Also, he takes a great deal of time with the actors and their performance," adds Duke, "like Kelsey Grammer - he's wonderful.

He has to wear this costume that weighs at least 15 to 20 pounds" to play the blue-furred Beast. Adds Duke with a laugh, "I don't think you're going to see any Frasier up in there!"

The image
A Note About The Sandman
Okay, Thomas Hayden Church looks awesome as the Sandman. I am not surprised at all. Sam Raimi is a genius. 
Still, at what point during a TV  Land "Wings" Marathon or a viewing of "Sideways" or a secret shame viewing of "Ned and Stacey" at the "Debra Messing Fan Club" did Rami look at this:
and see this:
It just boggles the mind.
Let's try that one more time.
Look at this:
But imagine this:
Gander at this:
and envision this:
Truly a Genius Vision, I can't even imagine how he started with this:
and came up with this:
But that's another Story.
This is the movie that may blow X3 out of the theaters...or does it secretly suck??  Only "not you" knows for sure!!  

Official Superman Returns Site Launched and Teaser Trailer Confirmed !
Source: Warner Bros. Pictures November 9, 2005

Superhero Hype! has confirmed that the teaser trailer for Superman Returns will be attached to Warner Bros. Pictures' "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," opening in theaters on Friday, November 18. The teaser, which runs one minute and thirty-three seconds, will play with screenings of the fourth Harry Potter installment.

Superman Returns, directed by Bryan Singer, will be released in conventional theaters and IMAX theaters on June 30, 2006. The anticipated action-adventure stars Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey, James Marsden, Frank Langella, Sam Huntington, Eva Marie Saint, Kal Penn, Parker Posey and Peta Wilson.


Warner Bros. Pictures has launched the official website for director Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, opening in theaters on June 30, 2006.

At the site, you'll find the "Story," the cool new comic book layout of "Bryan's Video Journals," "Photos" from the film, many new "Downloads" such as Buddy Icons, Wallpapers and the Teaser Poster, as well as links to the latest "News" and "Email Updates".

Check out the site here!

"News" and "Email Updates!!"  WEEEEEEEE!

Frank Langella on Playing Perry White
Source: Edmonton Sun November 9, 2005

The Edmonton Sun spoke to actor Frank Langella about playing Perry White in director Bryan Singer's upcoming Superman Returns:

Langella replaced Hugh Laurie as Perry White, the editor of the Daily Planet, in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. Laurie had to back out to film a second season of his hit Fox-TV series House.

"With Bryan's blessing, my Perry White will be very different than the previous ones," said Langella.

"I couldn't play a small man who barks out orders while he's chomping on his cigar. It's physically wrong for me. I play Perry as the strong, quiet type."

Good news since the affable, yet cantankerous boss of Clark Kent and Lois has always been defined simply as "small man who barks out orders while he's chomping on his cigar"
Can you do us a favor Frank?  Can you also play him with an English accent and have him sing songs from Annie as he does a Strip Tease to the Tango?
If this works maybe Frank will go on to play Zorro.  But his Zorro can be a Jewish accountant who "Saves" people from the evils of false Amortization and
I love Actors


Let's Look at Marvel's Upcoming Stuff!!

Let's finish off this Stuff with a look at Marvel's future prospects, cause frankly, this year blew chunks of Electra and Fantastic Four all over my nice spaghetti dinner.  Good thing Batman Begins was there, to show Marvel what they HAD done right with Spider-man and X-men, because the crap they came out with in the form of the Punisher, Daredevil and Blade Three is making the future look Grim...or is it?  Let's see:

Marvel's Updated Film and TV Slate
Source: Marvel Entertainment November 9, 2005

Marvel Entertainment has reported its 2005 Third Quarter results today and said both profit and revenue fell. Marvel's Chairman, Morton Handel, commented, "We are pleased with the box office success of the 'Fantastic Four' feature film, which launched (and sunk) this character franchise and has grossed over $329 million worldwide to date. Marvel's business model continues to be solidly profitable and generates strong free cash flow.  Even though the Movie was panned and hated by everyone and we cannot expect to make more than 20 million on a sequel, because we ruined everyone's taste for this concept, we like to think of ourselves as a bunch of crackheads during a stoning.  When rocks fly at us we don't think "Danger", we simply think "Cool!  Free Rocks!"

"As reviewed in more detail below, Marvel is revising its 2005 financial guidance to reflect the contribution of a landmark, long-term license agreement in the video game category which has largely offset some weaker than expected performance in our toy operation. However, our 2006 outlook reflects a difficult year for both toys and licensing. Despite the near-term challenges, the management team and Board remain confident in the long-term power of Marvel's business model, which will generate high levels of cash in coming years. Accordingly, the Board has approved an additional $250 million share repurchase authorization. We believe repurchases will be accretive to earnings and will provide a very attractive long-term return on investment as we proceed beyond 2006. Those years will include the release of both the 'Spider-Man' and 'Fantastic Four' sequels in 2007 and the anticipated launch of Marvel's own film slate starting in 2008."

The company stated the following as its upcoming slate:

Marvel Studios

X-Men 3, Fox - Currently filming, May 26, 2006 release

Ghost Rider, Sony - Filming completed, July 14, 2006 release

The Punisher 2, Lions Gate - Writer, targeted for fall 2006 release

Marvel Character Feature Film Development Pipeline (Partial List)

Spider-man 3, Sony - Director, May 4, 2007 release

Fantastic Four 2, Fox - Director, July 4, 2007 release

Silver Surfer, Fox - TBD

Wolverine, Fox - TBD

Deathlok, Paramount - TBD

Hulk 2, Universal - TBD

Namor, Universal - TBD

Black Widow, Lions Gate - TBD

Iron Man, TBD - TBD

Thor, TBD - TBD

Film Projects Included in the Marvel Film-Backed Credit Facility

Ant-Man, The Avengers, Black Panther, Captain America,

Cloak & Dagger, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye,

Nick Fury, Power Pack and Shang-Chi. The first film is anticipated for release in 2008.

Marvel Character Animated Direct-to-Video Projects in Development
Partnership with Lions Gate to develop, produce and distribute original animated DVD features. Four projects in 2D/3D format are in development with the first releases slated for 2006. Titles include:

Ultimate Avengers (February 21, 2006 release), Ultimate Avengers 2, Iron Man and Doctor Strange.

Marvel Character Animated TV Projects in Development
Partnership with Moonscoop SAS (formerly Antefilms Productions) to produce an original animated television series based on the Fantastic Four. Twenty-six, 30-minute 2D/3D animated episodes are planned with initial TV airings in 2006.

Marvel Character Live Action TV Projects in Development
Alter Ego, Blade, Skull Kill Crew

2005/2006 Video Game Release Schedule
Spider-Man & Friends - Q1 2005
Fantastic Four - Q2 2005
Ultimate Spider-Man - Q3 2005
X-Men Legends II - Q4 2005

Electronic Arts:
Marvel versus EA - Q4 2005

THQ Inc:
Punisher - Q1 2005

Vivendi Universal:
Hulk: Ultimate Destruction - Q3 2005

Ghost Rider - 2006

Hmm....Maybe They'll Make it after all.  I'm there for Ultimate Avengers, at least!! 



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