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What Else Would It Be About?

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The X3 Trailer


So...I didn't think it sucked. Actually, I'm kind of excited. Only "kind of" because their are too many characters and the are saying this is the last movie (why?) so you know that many won't get any time and may never get the chance to emerge as Bobby did from bit player in X1 to co-star in X2. Let's keep in perspective that there are three spinoffs/sequels in pre-production right now, one of which is a solid greenlight. 1)Wolverine solo movie (that will happen) 2)Magneto prequel movie (his life story) 3)New Mutants (teen X-men). If the movie does well, I guarantee that they will take Beast/Frazier and Dr. Moira McTaggart to head up the Xavier School for Bobby, Kitty, Colossus and the kids from the OC and bring in Gambit as your new "anti-hero" to replace Wolverine. There's your "New Mutants!"

Let's look at a few images from the trailer. I want you to notice a few things:

This is almost a classic X-Team: Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Rogue, Kitty Pryde and Iceman. Hmmm Colossus and Wolverine? Do I smell a fastball special? More on that later.

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Angel looks great! From what I understand he is one of the "more developed" new characters. Love the harness, that is right out of the 1960's comic.

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The image

I am soo happy with beast! The trailer shows him like this, all calm and dignified, but also jumping around in a wild manor. The mind of a poet the body of a gorilla, cool, You go Frazier!!

X-Men 3 Trailer

Nothing I enjoy more than a good cigar when I'm about to fight Sentinels... some think this is a danger room scene (which would explain Logan's calmness) but I think this may be a Sentinel attack, where the Sentinels haven't been CG'd in yet. In the trailer Storm rescues Logan from a bunch of bricks about to fall on a car. My guess? Those bricks will become a giant robot foot in post production.

The image

The image

Hey!! You up there!! That's right, you Marvel & Fox Producers. I'm glad your not angry that I worked with Bryan Singer on the Superman movie. thanks for putting me back into the film. So.. this should be my characters' greatest story, where I can finally get some respect. Hmm... I spend this first scene hanging out at a lake hmmm.... Hey... where am I in the rest of the script?

Well somebody dies. Xavier? Scott? Jean? Toad? Probably not Toad. Look there's that blue frazier guy again.... cool.

Its' a damn institution!! The "Fastball Special" is a move that Colossus does with Wolverine in battle. Basically, he throws him like a giant adamantium covered, 250lb., very unfriendly, very sharp baseball. Mostly he does this to things that he doesn't like. Watch near the end of the trailer for Wolverine. He's flying isn't he? No Sir, he isn't. Wolverine can't fly. He's being thrown! In the trailer, looking frame by frame, it looks like a metallic person is throwing him. You do the math? Oh yeah, and the object that most "Fastball Specials" are used on? Sentinels.

Click on the picture above to see the wrong end of the "Fastball Special." Remember, stay away from that end. Stay behind Colossus. Have fun!

Bring on the next Trailer!!

New mutants, director recharge 'X3'

Here's some more Stuff on the movie!!

From www.usatoday.com/

Pictures at http://www.usatoday.com/life/gallery/2005/x3/flash.htm

By Scott Bowles, USA TODAY

The mutants are back. Now they just need the humans to return, too.
Mane man: Kelsey Grammer calls his blue-haired strongman Beast an
(Mane man: Kelsey Grammer calls his blue-haired strongman Beast an "outsider." )

X-Men 3 hits the big screen next year with our heroes facing their toughest challenge yet: a fan base anxious about how the franchise will fare with a new director at the helm.

Ever since Bryan Singer bolted from the series to direct next year's Superman Returns, devotees have wondered whether the band of superhero misfits could return with a film to match the caliber of the first two, which took in more than $702 million worldwide. (Related gallery: Get your first glimpse at X Men 3)

Star Hugh Jackman isn't worried.

"I wouldn't have come back if I thought we weren't going to do the series justice," says Jackman, who plays the popular mutant Wolverine. "I think X-Men— and Bryan — led the rebirth of comic book movies. We weren't going to treat a third one lightly."

Brett Ratner directs X-Men 3, which gets its first look here and opens May 26. Ratner is best known for comedy, including the two Rush Hour films, and studio executives concede that a regime change gave them pause.

"I don't care what director we would have brought in; there would have been concern," says Avi Arad, head of Marvel Studios. "We had to make sure we were coming back with something serious, something new, that would improve the series. I think we did."

The encore will feature new characters, including the blue-haired strongman Beast, played by Kelsey Grammer, and Angel, a winged mutant played by Ben Foster (Six Feet Under). The plot centers on a cure discovered for our heroes' mutations, and their dilemma in choosing whether to remain individuals or blend into mainstream society.

"I'd never really thought about doing comic book movies before," Grammer says. "But this one has always been about what it's like to be an outsider. And we've all felt that way at times. I think that story line is what appeals to fans more than any filmmaker or star."

Fan Thomas Hay, 29, of Livonia, Mich., agrees. "They've got the whole cast back, plus more comic book characters. I'm confident. The characters and story are the most important thing."

X3 probably marks the last installment of the franchise.

"We really have become a family," says Halle Berry, who plays Storm, a mutant handy with a lightning bolt. "I'm going to be sad to say goodbye."

And moviegoers? Arad concedes there may be initial apprehension among fans. But "when they see how much we worked to stay true to the story, true to the characters, they're going to remember why they became fans in the first place."

In other news......

Comedy Central to air unseen 'Chappelle'
From www.variety.com

Where are you Dave? I respect your struggle with fame and success, but I hope you pop up soon before people resent you for dropping out. You are the legacy of Pryor man!! We need you out there making a stand! Be well Dave Chappelle!

Segs to be shown online first, b'cast on cabler in 2006


Dave Chappelle is coming back to Comedy CentralComedy Central -- sort of.
Network revealed Sunday that it will air previously-recorded sketches from the funnyman as part of what is being billed as season three.

The sketches will be shown first on Comedy Central's online broadband network, Motherload, and later broadcast on the cable network, a spokesperson said. The broadcast will take place sometime in 2006.

Chappelle has been on an open-ended hiatus for about ten months, with taping of the third season of his "Chappelle's Show" suspended indefinitely. Sources close to the skeinskein were recently quoted that they did not believe the funnyman would ever return to the program.

Chappelle signed a two-year deal with Comedy Central shortly before he decided to suspend taping. No reason for the hiatus has ever been given by the comedian, though some have speculated that exhaustion played a part.

At a Los Angeles taping of its year-end special "Last Laugh '05," Comedy Central showed a preview of what it will air as part of season three, which included send-ups of MTV skein "Cribs" and the Morgan Spurlock docudocu "Super Size Me."

While a spokesperson confirmed that all the bits were taped before Chappelle went on hiatus, they declined to say whether the decision to air them meant the network was acknowledging that Chappelle would not return.

Fox fires up 'Fantastic' sequel
As I have said before, the opportunity to do good work, sometimes means realising what you did wrong and correcting it. Apparently Avi Arad and the Marvel accountants think that 300 Million dollars worldwide means there were no mistakes. Two words: Matrix Trilogy. Marvel has to plan long term and think how they can continue these franchise properties for decades, not, how can I ruin them an cash out (Daredevil? Elecktra?). Otherwise, in a few years, they'll be left with Brother Voodoo and the Great Lakes Avengers. Nobody wants that.
From www.hollywoodreporter.com

(Look at him smile. He knows his FF movie sucks. Smile you jerk! Smile!! I did like Barber Shop though. Funny, that movie actually HAD credible character develpoment. He should have just given Ice Cube a rocky shell.)

20th Century Fox is set for another "Fantastic" voyage. The studio confirmed months of speculation that it would bring its summer boxoffice hit "Fantastic Four" back for a second installment. Director Tim Story and scribe Mark Frost have signed on for the sequel, which is set for a July 4, 2007, release. The first installment, which grossed more than $154 million domestically, also had been slated for July 4 weekend bow but switched to July 8 to avoid a head-to-head clash with "War of the Worlds." The move paid off as the Marvel comic book-based tale earned $56 million in its opening take. This time around, "Fantastic Four" will be facing a formidable superhero foe in "Spider-Man 3," which opens in May 2007. (Tatiana Siegel)

Mary J. Blige will be Nina Simone!

Okay, you're asking why this story is here. Because its Nina Simone, that's why!! Nina Simone was and is the reason I'm a singer. (also J5 and Marvin Gaye when I was little) She is the Queen, Empress and Goddess of Soul, Jazz, and Blues. Remember what I said about Johnny Cash? She's in the same division, personally, she may mean even more to me. Her voice was a constant knife at the throat of oppression, I hope they don't sugar coat her views. She is the most definable voice I have ever heard. No one sounds like her or is like her. Mississippi God Damn! They better do this movie right!

By Tatiana Siegel and Borys Kit

Mary J. Blige is attached to star in an untitled Nina Simone biopic for MTV Films. Paramount Pictures will distribute.

Simone, known as the high priestess of soul, rose to fame in the '60s with signature jazz ballads and such powerful protest songs as "Mississippi Goddam" and "To Be Young, Gifted, and Black," an anthem of the civil rights movement. In 1974, the chanteuse went into exile, eventually ending up in Paris, where she died in 2003.

The film, which will chronicle Simone's ascent to stardom and her relationship with Paris-based manager Clifton Henderson, marks the first toplining project for R&B star Blige, who has contributed to the soundtracks of such movies as "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" and "Waiting to Exhale."

Interscope Geffen A&M chairman Jimmy Iovine is producing along with Paul Rosenberg, Lauren Lloyd and Gene Kirkwood. Lloyd, whose credits include "Cellular" and "Mermaids," nabbed Henderson's life rights and brought the project to Iovine.

In September 2004, Iovine inked a three-year, first-look feature deal with Paramount and MTV Films. His first effort under that pact was last month's 50 Cent vehicle "Get Rich or Die Tryin'."

Scribe Cynthia Mort, whose credits include the TV series "Will & Grace" and "Roseanne," is penning the screenplay.

David Gale, Loretha Jones and Carrie Beck will shepherd the project for MTV, while Michelle Raimo will oversee for Paramount.

Blige is repped by CAA and manager Kendu Isaacs.

Hellboy to do Halo?

From http://www.joblo.com
Source: JoBlo.com by: JoBlo

Fanboys aren't gonna get too much more excited than a movie based on an extremely popular video game entitled HALO, a script written by 28 DAYS LATER's Alex Garland, production being overseen by LOTR director Peter Jackson and now (hold your breath, ya'll) the possibility of Guillermo del Toro taking the reigns as director on this bitch. That's right, according to numerous reports coming out of last week's KING KONG junket, del Toro is just an announcement away from being the lead man on this puppy. Our man Mike Sampson was there and said "Rumor at the junket was that he has already signed on and an official announcement is forthcoming." Kewl. Del Toro just finished production on his nifty personal project PAN'S LABYRINTH. What all this means in terms of HELLBOY 2 is something that I cannot answer right now, but hopefully he'll be able to squeeze them both into his busy schedule and make everybody happy!

Rocky 6, It's actually Happening?
This is just the saddest way to end a post. Unless Captain Kirk is appearing in another Star Trek Movie. He's not is he?


Fans cheer as Sylvester Stallone, center, acts in a scene being shot for the film "Rocky Balboa," the next installment in the "Rocky" series, before the Jermain Taylor-Bernard Hopkins undisputed...


Actor/director Sylvester Stallone (with taped hand), center, directs before shooting a scene for the film "Rocky Balboa" before the Jermain Taylor-Bernard Hopkins undisputed world middleweight...


Sylvester Stallone raises his glove as he films a scene for "Rocky Balboa," the next installment in the "Rocky" series, before the Jermain Taylor-Bernard Hopkins undisputed world middleweight...

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