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We Welcome Back, Some Friends?

Variety is talking about the new Beastie movie which is shot by 50 fans and edited into one performance. Hope its good, but it sounds like a quick cut headache!

To film their Oct. 9, 2004, Madison Square Garden concert, longtime rap superstars the Beastie Boys handed cameras (mostly high-8) to 50 excited fans, who were told "Do whatever you want, just keep shooting." Resulting, awkwardly titled "Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!" has a good sales hook in that shot-by-youse angle. In fact, the final product is highly post-produced, with dynamic editing and much visual gimmickry filigreeing a high-octane set. One of the more exciting feature records of a single-act perfperf, pic should attract quick theatrical playoff and long-term home play.

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Friends decide to take

"The Slow Death" is reporting some sad news. Friends is coming back from the dead for four, hour long specials!
I guess this is good for the actors and NBC. The actors have realized the fate of being "typecast hasbeens", all but Aniston have been laying about in obscurity or failing miserably since the show's end. These specials give them a solid new chunk of change to hold on to now that they know the green is going to stop flowing.

In desperation, NBC has been forced to actually promote good shows that usually wouldn't have had a chance like "The Office", "My Name Is Earl" and "Scrubs." For some reason, people have gotten bored with twenty somethings in huge apartments in New York City complaining. Newer, Friends-type shows have failed miserably and thankfully the spiteful and eternally precious "Will and Grace" is in its final death throws. "Frazier" has gone off gracefully, to be Blue and furry (Yeah!) and NBC is vacant of new shows of quality. While other networks are booming with "Lost", "24" and "CSI: Kentucky", NBC has "Fearfactor" and "Las Vegas." The fact that "Earl and "Office" are being promoted and doing well is a breath of fresh air for the Network which since "Cheers" and "Seinfeld" seems to have forgotten how to nurture good quality shows that need time to find an audience.
Since "Scrubs" and "The Office" were almost cancelled themselves, it doesn't give me any confidence in NBC when they try to milk every last drop out of a once hot concept instead of creating new ones. But they will keep squeezing every drop, because crap like this will surely bring in Tens of Millions of viewers. Even sadder, there may be another spin-off featuring Joey, Chandler and Ross, meaning we can kiss the final exits of these characters goodbye as we watch them twist and contort in the wind to the whim of the studios executives.

The viewers almost always lose in these adventures, although people will mention "Frazier" as an exception, we can't forget "Archie's Place" (All In The Family), "Angel" (Buffy), "The Ropers" (Threes Company), "The Tortellis" (Cheers), "Three's a Crowd" (Threes Company), "After M*A*S*H*" (M*A*S*H*), "Enos" (Dukes of Hazzard), or "Joanie Loves Chachi" (Happy Days). The only good thing this proves is that someone up at NBC has realised that "Joey" sucks major Donkey kidneys! Here's the story!
Seminal sitcom Friends is returning to television after each of its six stars agreed multi-million dollar deals to star in four one-hour specials. In a secret meeting before Christmas, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry reportedly agreed a $5 million apiece deal with NBC bosses in Los Angeles.

Scriptwriters have already started penning lines for the four double episodes, which are due to air next year. Aniston, who has filmed a string of movies since the final Friends episode, was the last to agree to the new deal. An NBC insider says, "She's the one who had been holding out. But she's now agreed to reprise Rachel (Green).

"Bringing them back is a dream come true. Ratings will go through the roof."

Network bosses have also hinted at a second spin-off of the hit comedy, following the disappointing performance of Matt LeBlanc's show Joey. The new program will see the three male stars--Perry, Schwimmer and LeBlanc--pilot a series called It's A Guy Thing. An NBC spokesperson confirms, "Negotiations on future projects are going on all the time."

TVGuide interviewed Smallville cocreator, Al Gough to find out what's going on for the rest of this season. Among other things, Teen Titans Cyborg is stopping by?? Played the Famous Jett Jackson??? What the F???? You're bringing on Cyborg [played by Lee Thompson Young] in the Feb. 16 episode. How does he fit into the mix?
Gough: We always liked that character from the Teen Titans. He's basically a kid who was a star high-school football player, had a full ride to USC, and then was in a massive car accident. LuthorCorp, experimenting on what's essentially bionics, sort of put him back together — but potentially for a more nefarious scheme than just helping out this kid. The issues he deals with, it's like Robocop — "How much man am I? How much of a machine am I?" Clark helps this kid figure out how his radically different life isn't necessarily a curse, and how he can get these powers under control, find his humanity and go on to live life.

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