Monday, February 06, 2006


Now lets really complicate things. Apparently Theresa Russell, who plays Mrs. Sandman in the film (or films) is named Felicia Hardy, who we all know as the Black Cat, Spidey's 70's-80's girlfriend. Crowded movie?

Calm down. Felicia Hardy was also supposedly cast in Spider-Man 2, but the role ended up being just an extra. has the story!

We know that Theresa Russell has been cast as the wife of Flint Marko, The Sandman. But her character's identity hasn't yet been divulged. It's Felicia Hardy. The Black Cat. Or her mother, at least. How long until the complaints?

I think we should just assume this is a fan easter egg, at least for now. I don't think they would really bring in Felicia now when she could be a valid love interest for Spidey later. Although, to the general public, she's a Catwoman clone, which to be fair, she is. Otherwise, she's a bit old for flirting with Pete isn't she? What do you think, Mrs. Robinson?

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