Monday, February 27, 2006

Early Monday Morning Misc

Seems like over 2000 people have been by since Friday evening to look at the Spider-Man 3 "Q&A" below. (I know its not a lot to some, but it is to me!) It's strange how fate can change the course of things. Suddenly your little "General Store" is smack dab in the middle of the freeway. Soon enough though, things will fall back into familiar form, although I do hope that a few of them there "Big City" folks drop by from time to time to sit a spell and jaw about them there "Super Hero" type films. Thanks for all the emails, I do appreciate the good will between fans that we seem to share outside of an AICN talkback. Anyway, some things we have to get out that are just not worth thier own posts. Let's call this a cleanup session:

Over at the there's a picture of the new Blade TV series that makes me think, they really aren't going to add anything to the "Blade" character, are they? Don't we now have two standards in genre film and TV? Can't we now point to Spider-Man 2, Justice League Unlimited, X2, Batman Begins, Hellboy, BattleStar Gallactica and Farscape and say yes? How about we point to Catwoman, Manthing, Ultimate Avengers, WitchBlade, DareDevil, Electra, PainKiller Jane and Blade TV and say NO! Marvel especially, get your act together!! We deserve the good stuff!!! Put back the cheese in the can!! Bring out the aged stuff in the wax shell, Man!

I love "Entourage"! I don't have to defend it to those who think its shallow, male wish fulfillment. It's not. Its called Parody. Look into it. Entourage is full of it. It's a more accurate depiction of Hollywood's shallow reality than we have seen before. If it's wish fulfillment for some, remember this, we live in a world where you can buy a complete set of "Napoleon Dynamite" action figures!! "Napoleon Dynamite" action figures!! Even "Kip" gets an action figure!!

What's my point? I'm just trying to distract you. I'm sick of people slapping the hate on "Entourage." It's a smart show and it turned Kevin Connolly from the twirp above to Mr. Cool on the right! Aintitcool has some cool shots that are obviously all about Vinnie's "Aquaman" film. Check it out HERE!

Hotdogs for Homophobes!! This is funny, no matter how you like your hotdogs!! Conan O'Brien's gang has still got it! I can't stop watching it, I just continue to laugh! HERE!

SpongeBob SquarePants isn't Gay! He's just happy! Being Gay is about attraction, am I correct? I don't think it's about acting like you're brain is a walnut. Why do Conservative Politicians find SpongeBob sexual? That is a scary thought. Also, isn't this a sign that those "Brokeback Mountain" parodies are now ready to be thrown on the pile where we put all those WASSUP spoofs. The end is HERE!! (Technically I think he's Bi anyway)

All a great hero needs is a cool costume, some great villains and a kickass theme song!! I'm not going to say which of those things are present HERE, you decide.

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