Monday, February 13, 2006

Finally, Madman...Appears...i hope?


Of all the independent comic book properties on the way to feature film land, I have most waited for this project! I fear the real truth in this news comes from the comment Laura Allred makes below: "if it doesn't happen now, it'll probably never happen."

She is referring to the Madman movie that her husband and all around comic genius, Mike Allred has put in the very cluttered hands of friend, Director and newly crowned "Comic Book Film God" Robert Rodriguez. Robert is of course the brain behind instant classic "Sin City" and plans to make several more movies about Frank Miller's dark city along with his "Grindhouse" film project with Tarantino and probably some kind of Spy Kids, Lava Girl, Shark Boy reunion. (he is responsible for those kiddy movies too) I've said it before, Madman would be the perfect Technicolor Yin to Sin City's Film Noir Yang. I would rather see a good Madman movie that five more Sin City clones. Once you break the ground, can you really make a "Sin City" sequel as good? That depends on how much Mickey Rourke you put in the movie I guess. (Marv is the Man!!) Still, its a mistake to let Madman slip through his fingers. Someone will make Madman, but he could make it great. Find the time Man!!

Below: Aintitcool Reporter "Buddy-L" gives the lowdown at WonderCon.

WonderCon: Buddy-L has info on the MADMAN movie from Allred

I went back upstairs and caught the tail-end of the Image Comics panel.........Mike and (the incredibly hot) Laura Allred came in for their panel.

I asked THE question: "The 'Madman' movie, when ?" Laura responded that if it doesn't happen now, it'll probably never happen. Mike said (Quint, I know you've been looking forward to this project so you'll dig this) he and Robert Rodriguez hope to start shooting THIS MAY ! ! (Isn't that close after "Grind House", Harry ?) He's fallen in love with Robert's digital shooting style and this one will be all green-screen, a la "Sin City". The look will be "like Technicolor. Like a black-and-white movie that's been coloured-in."

Someone behind me asked the next obvious question: "have you cast Frank Einstein ?" "Yes, but I can't tell you who it is yet." [We all groan] When we announce it, you're gonna be like 'What ?', then you'll think about it for a second and see that it's perfect." Then came the real highlight of my day (and before anyone reads this next part, I suggest you find every single "Madman" comic you can): Mike gave us his "dream cast" of supporting actors (no one signed or called, just the people he'd love to see):

Dr. Phlegm -- Gene Wilder

Jake -- Steve Buscemi

Dr. Mofford -- Robin Williams

Jo -- Natalie Portman

The comic adaptation of the movie will be the current storyboarded version Mike now has all made out. He will also be creating new "Madman" and "Atomics" comics real soon.

Aren't they the cutest? He does the inking, She does the coloring. Where do they grow women like this? Tell me and I'm buying my ticket!

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