Saturday, February 25, 2006

Finally...Lobo's Paramilitary Xmas!

Whew! So many folks are coming here for that Spider-Man 3 "Q & A" that I'm afraid to post anything above it! Ah hell, I can't wait, too much other amazing shite has come down the electric pike in the past few hours. (translation: I found more stuff you have to see!)

If you are a fan of "Batman: Dead End," if you think "Grayson" is a shining can of Clorox Cleanup in the humid, festering outhouse that is "Fan Films," or if you just think the "Main Man" is the ultimate combination of Foot hitting Ass, then you are in for a treat! Many Years Ago, (2002) the rumor was that a student filmmaker named Scott Leberecht had made an amazingly faithful and entertaining short film of one of the wrongest rights in comic book history: "Lobo's Paramilitary Christmas Special!"

We all know the story right? It's that classic tale of Christmas that is handed down through the ages, except that in this one the Easter Bunny hires Lobo to fragg ole' Saint Nick, whose holding up at his Arctic Industrial Compound, making use of convenient "Elf labor" to build his arsenal of various caliber "Toys." A heartwarming adventure that climaxes with a close quarters knife fight between Lobo and Claus. My oh my, many a loose elf limb lying around in this one.

We all heard the rumors, and to make it worse, we saw the amazing screen shots of actor "Andrew Bryniarski" in what has got to be one of the most faithful translations from page to screen of DC Comics' history! I personally searched forever and ever, looking under every rock and Sharez heap in that vast media junkyard located in the last thousand pages of your Google search, but a copy of said film wasn't out there...anywhere. Time passes. Just when the heated desire for something wanes, it appears....

Whether you think of Lobo as a sly, yet ultraviolent satire on 1980's "Rambo" American extremism or just see him and think "Ass Kicker," I think you'll find this enjoyable!


What do you think? Is it as good as you hoped? Let me know!

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