Monday, February 13, 2006

Garth's "Bag O' Gems"

Once again our friend Garth has sent me something that will brighten and cheer up your day. This time it's the sober yet comic, vulgar yet innocent, traditional yet unusual work of Artist and person I would not take a cup of tea with (unless I saw him make it in front of me), Tony Millionaire.

He is the artist responsible for both the haunting "Sock Monkey" comic books and Saturday Night Lives' funniest obscurity the animated "Maakies." All can be found at his website:
What's so great about artist's like Mr. Millionaire, who I would put in the company of "Zippy the Pinhead" creator Bill Griffith among others, is the quiet unassuming way they bombard your sensibilities with unexpected meshes of comfortable images and themes as they are magically twisted into the Taboo and Subversive. In fact, you could even say that the reverse is more true.

Even in a world of anything goes Internet content, artists like this show us how really boring, most "gross out" or "Extreme" humor really is. We are so attuned to what qualifies as normal, straight forward "mainstream" entertainment that we find this, at least at first, hard to process, without large easy to see punchlines and well highlighted sarcasm.

What I like about "Maakies" is its re-acquaintance with the brutality of the time it portrays. Even if it is a silly cartoon, it's still, morbid, hopeless and pointless, like Popeye shacked up with a hooker with small pox in an Opium den. That is comedy.

What do I like about "Sock Monkey?" It's "Winnie the Pooh" written by Edgar Allen Poe, drawn by Edward Gorey, Charles Adams and Gahan Wilson. All of whom, are worth dropping into Google. Cheers

Tony Millionaire's "Sock Monkey"

Click the link for "Ship of Jokes" in Flash

Click the link for SNL Shorts in Quicktime

Click the link for the Sock Monkey Movie in Flash

You have to play this incredible addictive game!!
Click the link to play a game of "Seven Seas"

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