Friday, February 24, 2006

"Hate" The Cartoon?

(Peter Bagge does Peter Parker)

Ah, the 1990's, when everything I read came from the independent comic rack. Comic books like The Brother's Hernandez "Love and Rockets", Terry LaBan's "Unsupervised Existence", "Real Stuff" by Dennis P. Eichhorn, Peter Bagge's "Neat Stuff" and then his ultimate slacker opus "Hate." I don't think we will ever see as free and creative a time in comics history as we saw in this fertile period. Stories featured people who had jobs in record stores, repaired robots in the bario, drove cabs, had sex with the rotund heirs to a fast food fortunes and played impromptu live concerts backed by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. Exciting plots might revolve around getting drunk and passing out on a couch in Lionel Ritchie's vacation home or sleeping with your 60 year old landlady to pay the rent. Most of these people went on to collect real money doing more popular work in other industries, writing comic strips for hip monthly magazines, screenwriting for the movie industry or crossing over into the mainstream comics world, although if anyone knows what happened to Mr. Eichhorn, let me know, I'm still trying to figure out if he was real or not.

Film Threat has released this awful clip, that just proves that mainstreaming is the worst evil an artist can commit, if he does it sloppily at least. It seems to be a test for a "Hate" cartoon. "Hate" follows the post-teen depression years of compromise, of Bagge's stand out character and 80's, New Jersey burnout "Buddy Bradley" as he moves to the hip berg of Seattle, woos and loses the girl of his dreams (and nightmares), hooks up with the girl (with no self esteem) that he shouldn't and heads back East, having realized he'd arrived to late for Seattle's "Golden Era", worse for wear and with said girlfriend, pregnant and in-tow. It's a generational masterpiece and deserves better treatment then this piece of "Adult Swim" rejection. Check it out Here! (I've included links above for all the comics mentioned. Check them out too!)

FROM THE FILM THREAT VAULT! In the mid-90's there were rumors of a Hate animated series from creator Peter Bagge. Whereas the show never did see the light of day, an animated short did play the 1996 Sundance Film Festival..

(Here's some more Peter Bagge fun!!)

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