Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Over at aintitcool.com, a spy named "Mathesonlegends" brought Harry these amazing concept pictures of Guillermo Del Toro's new project "PAN'S LABYRINTH," which I guess is a fantasy/horror type of deal. After looking at these pictures all I can say is, I wish this was an animation. There is no way that a live action production can live up to the beauty and creepiness of these amazing illustrations. There you go Guillermo, I've set your bar for you, now prove me wrong!! And do it fast so we can all enjoy another big old helping of Hellboy in Hellboy II!!

Apparently, a French magazine, specializing in Sci-Fi and Horror interviewed the Director. Harry's spy explains what the article revealed about the movie:

In the beginning this film was about a married couple that buys a house on the England country side, there the wife, pregnant, entered the garden´s labyrinth where she encounters the pan. After having a sex encounter with him, the pan proposes to keep her future new-born and sacrifice him in order to open up the labyrinth for her so she can run back to freedom, she refuses, knowing little after that if she would have accepted she would have been condemned to live with the monster for eternity.

The article ends up with an interview to art director William Stout, if you guys don´t know who this guy is he is the man behind the concept art of the two Conan films, " The Return of the Living dead" and the upcoming "John Carter of Mars".

Stout talks about how he didn´t knew who Del Toro was until Frank Darabont introduced them at the Comic-con in San Diego, where Del Toro bought Stout one of his works intitled... "Hellboy at the Mountains of Madness" which he conceived for Hellboy Weird Tales. There the talk started and the mexican director asked Stout to work for 2 of his new projects one being the "Pan´s Labyrinth" and the other the adaptation of Lovecraft´s "In The Mountain of Madness". For the complete story, click HERE!

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