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Spider-man 3-4? The Truth, I think?

The Amazing Spider-Scam!

Back in 2000, Raimi was taken back by the internets' ability to leak information about Spider-Man. Here he was, pushing a terrible deadline, making movie history, having to work at a frantic nervous pace and this interference angered him. Sources have said he vowed to never let that kind of thing happen again. SO, we have to consider that every leak we have seen so far on this locked down production has been purposeful and painstakingly coordinated by the master director himself. From Kirsten Dunce's early slip that the villains would be Sandman and Venom to the news breaking right now (we'll get to that below), Raimi has got to be pulling the strings. Why? Because Sony sees this franchise as the most unattainable of Hollywood products..a mainstream entertainment juggernaut with 100% recognition, equal interest male to female, for the fan of drama or action or sci-fi, family friendly, still tops with the male 14-30 year old film viewer and with the expectation greater things to come each time. As I said, this is a dream product, a multi-billion dollar steam engine locomotive that gets 90% or more positive buzz from critics. Spider-Man is an impossibility made real and oozing cash out it's web covered Yin Yang! So it's not hard to believe that come April, a press release may say that every thing we have heard so far is a lie and the third movie is really about the Lizard and Mysterio. That being said, my "Super Movie-Sense" has been tingling for a while and I think its time to collect some of those thoughts and look at the latest news bits.

I have said this several times before and I will say it again (because now it's real news) Spider-Man 3 will be about the "Black Costume." Why? Because it's something totally new and the vendors can sell new merchandise with a completely differently suited Spidey standing on the clock or mugging it up on the Burger King glass. In Spidey 1 and 2 he had the same suit, so the toys were exactly the same. A kid doesn't need a new Spider-Man figure to play Spidey 2. So retailers know that sales could have been better. If the money hungry executives had their way, Spidey 2 would have been bright orange with creamsicle white stripes, just to sell a whole new line of plastic crap. That's why 1980's and 90's Batman, changed his suit every movie and why the "Batman Animated" toys, I kid you not, come in Leopard stripes, "Day Glow" green and black and white camouflage.

In the "Black Costume Saga" they have a legitimately good and loved Spider-Man story where he just happens to completely change his costume and usher in a beloved "Gen Xer" villain with Venom. There is no way that Raimi could have fought against this even if he wanted to. And who would want to? I love the black costume, as long as he eventually goes back to the classic red and blue.

Don't think me silly, but I think Raimi and I are on the same wave length, at least as Spidey fans. We both grew up Spidey fans since we were little and his choice of Topher Grace as Venom cements my belief. Why? Because My choice for Peter and MJ was always the team of Laura Prepon and Mr. Grace from "That 70's Show." I'm not complaining, but the dazzling pure redhead, bold and smart paired with the stringy geek with a hundred well placed smart ass comments...that's comics brought to life!! Topher has the one element that film Spidey does not....wit and "Smartass-i-tude!" I had hoped that Mr. Grace would be the replacement when Tobey tired of webslinging, but now Raimi has gone one better and made Mr. Grace the Doppelganger!

I still would have liked to see him as Parker, but I don't think Toby is going to give up the webs too soon. At least not until Spider-Man 4 is over, and that will be shooting in.....NOW! Of course I'm just guessing, but with this many characters, Gwen and Ms. Hardy, Harry, MJ, Sandman, Eddie Brock and who knows who else, either this movie is going to be a pile up beat down jumble of confusion or Raimi is filming two movies back to back!! Two movies give the MJ vs Gwen time to play out without having to have Dunce die quickly and awkwardly and without her having to return in two years for another filming. It gives us time to have the black costume and Venom separately. It makes sense to shoot two films....It will also give Raimi time to break and shoot something else, if he wants to, and I'm sure he does. I may be wrong, but I'm not!! has another breaking story which may controdict everything I just said, we shall see. Again, this could all be a Raimi trick and SPidey could end up fighting "Rocket Racer."

Much Ado About Venom & SPIDER-MAN 3...

From Published on Monday, February 6th, 2006 at 02:28:30 AM CST

Hey folks, Harry here - Seems that according to the following person, Topher is VENOM and will be in a very complicated outfit... But here's the thing just about all of this is countered by another report I received that wound up over at COMING SOON that swears up and down Topher is playing ELECTRO - and that the black costume Symbiote outfit is Peter's only in this film, but we get hints of something more coming. I love battling rumors, they're so much fun. Sony, Raimi and Avi are having a blast throwing out conflicting tales and I think placing these things around the web to confuse and tantalize us fans. Enjoy the latest round of gossip...

Marcus Howard Blog

3) It is impossible for spider-man and venom (both wearing the symbiote's) to go head to head? I did not say that they were both symbiotes, i said that each character would be wearing the costume that was developed for them, i.e both wearing black in this sequence, which does not mean to say that Tobey's costume is a symbiote. I have said enough.

Marcus here, i got like a million e-mails and this site only went up today and the moment i mentioned Spider-man 3 i had to block the comments coming in since their were so many. So for the sake of it i thought i might just drop you little tid bits involving Mr Grace, since im working for him as Costume Assistance, which is a job that does not involve me communicating with him believe it or not. Im not allowed to say too much, but i doubt this would do any harm if i was to tell you about my job in more detail and about the 'Venom' costume which james is working on.

We are working on tobey's black 'symbiote' costume, which is refered to as 'SYMBIOTE#01' because the second version will be worn by Mr Grace. The second version is more advance and we are considering to use motion capture technology, i believe that this would accompany the CGI that was done in the first spider-man movie as i have been told. However you should not expect Venom to be wearing a costume as such because their isn't any, we are considering that he would be wearing a green suit, so that with the CG the 'SYMBIOTE#02' design can be overlayed on him. Sony has spent billions apparently over the years on the whole franchise, but with new developing technology such as pixar's renderman, the job is getting easily done. The fight scenes between tobey and mr grace are also something which we (well them) are looking at, the script is complete and their will be a huge fight which involves tobey getting his portion of the suit (SYMBIOTE#01) completely weakened by the more stronger suit worn by mr grace (SYMBIOTE #02).

Their are about 60 more people working as costume assistance's and ideas are being contributed in all the time, as they are also improving, however these ideas do not effect the script as thats carved in stone, but they only improve it visually. I've said enough, so just dont start passing this info around because the last thing i want is to be thrown out of something big. And remember this could all change. That's all i could tell you...right now but keep checking back for the plastic cast results from mr grace.

The way I see it, either Peter and MJ split in 3, Peter falls for Gwen, Gwen dies in 4 and MJ comforts Peter or MJ dies in 3 and Gwen becomes the new Love, reversing comics completely.

The black suit will be in 3, Sandman the major villian of 3, Eddie Brock will be a major problem in 3, but Venom will probably be the major part of 4.

Two things I liked to see, more funny Spidey lines and more Robbie Robertson! He's a great character that is a true friend to Peter and Spidey!

Let's see what happens. Here's some background on Robbie from Wiki!

Joseph "Robbie" Robertson first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #51 (1967) and was one of the first African-American characters in comics used in a serious supporting role rather than as comic relief. He was created by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr..

Robertson is the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Bugle, the newspaper at which Peter Parker works and sells his photographs of Spider-Man. Unlike the Bugle's volatile Publisher, J. Jonah Jameson, Robbie tries his best to remain objective towards Spider-Man instead of automatically assuming he is a criminal. Robbie is also the only Bugle employee who does not fear the wrath of his boss and is ready to stand up to him on editorial matters. Robbie has served as Publisher when Jameson temporarily stepped down. Robbie was a close personal friend of Captain George Stacy, and it has been implied, although not outright stated, that Robbie has deduced Spider-Man's secret identity, as Stacy did. Robbie's son Randy is also a close friend of Peter Parker.


Kell Trenzer said...

I agree with the fact there should be more "funny Spidey lines." They were present in the Spider-Man video games that were adaptations of the movies, and I got a good laugh out of 'em. Good content by the way.

Dami said...

I don't think the black costume Spidey's wearing is because of the symbiote. There's rumours that Aunt May dies in the film, so maybe he changes his costume colour to Black, to kind of mourn her death or something, like how people wear black to Funerals and stuff. I don't know, just a thought. :P

Stuff Daddy said...


I hate to break it to you.

I would check out these stories and get back to me.

I hope Aunt May doesn't die!!