Monday, February 27, 2006 More Like It!

(Spider-man 3 Q&A, four stories down) WOW, This is what Ainticool does best. Bring home the point and hope that the studio is listening. Sure there is no story here, as usual, but there is a keen point briefly gleaming off the dark photoshoped fan art they put on their site Today. What's the point?

"Sam, you may have strayed a bit too far, Pal!"

Look at this fan art piece on the Left. It makes you want to go buy the damn tickets now doesn't it? Spider-Man has had quite a few suit changes in his forty plus years on the comics page. Only one of them is as cool as
the good old Red and Blue....the classic Black!! Below, AICNer Quint tries his best to plead with Sam Raimi and admits that SONY did in fact ask them to hush the story from Friday. Listen Sam, change the suit and I'll wipe my posts too!!

Sony, if you're paying attention... and I think you are since you asked us to take down that Q&A, take a look at that art. I trust Sam Raimi with the film. I really do, but take a good look at that art. Too me, it is the perfect amalgam of the film universe and the comics universe. And take a look at the talkback...... I might be in the minority... I don't know, but I'd bet that most fans of the comics would prefer a Black Suit that looks a bit more like the above.

Read the rest Here!! What do you think The Classic Suit or The Braille Suit? Send me some StuffMail!

In the meantime, below is a visual warning for the future Spider-tailor.... and even more bad costumes Here!!

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