Monday, February 13, 2006

Toby, the Illusion is Gone!

Do you want to believe in Hollywood? Believe in Magic? Believe in Spider-Man? Then don't look at these pictures from (Ahem!!!) JustJared.Blogspot.Com (nice name Pal...) As Excited as I am about this movie, no one needs to go showing us dopey pictures of Toby and his goofy smile.

How is this news "Just Jared?" Seems more like "Just Filler", "Just Pointless" and "Just Boring." And that's coming from not just Jared, but "The Jared" Pally!!

Wow, I have such animosity for people who share my name. Being named Jared is unusual. When you have that rare meeting with another Jared, you really size them up and leer suspiciously. Its kind of like Highlander, but usually we don't have swords. "There Can Be Only One!!"

New Spider-man 3 pictures

Los Angeles, CA :: Enjoy these new candids of Spider-Man 3 co-stars Tobey Maguire, 30, Kirsten Dunst, 23, and James Franco, 27, on and around the set of Spider-Man 3. They will be reprising their roles as Peter Parker / Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn, respectively.

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