Monday, February 06, 2006

The Trouble? With Harry?

Next, let's look at what happens to Harry. Harry Osborn is an essential part of Peter's life. His best friend and son of his worst enemy. Harry will become something....Hobgoblin? Green Goblin? Knob Gobbler? I don't know, but he's not going to just walk around in expensive shoes, that sucka's going to go gliding! "Robert Sanchez" from The Movie Reporter at has a Spoiler filled story


The Movie Reporter at
Robert Sanchez
Here's what we have been sent, mind you, this a VERY reliable source, no grain of salt needed: (CAUTION Spoilers ahead)
(Select over hidden text below to see Spoilers)

Rob, all the assumptions that Harry Osborn is the third villain the Hobgoblin are all wrong. Spiderman finds himself out numbered in this one. When everything seems to be at its worst for our hero, he finds himself an unlikely ally, Harry Osborn. Peter Parker's best friend will come to his aide.

Okay so let's look at this. Harry will come to Spidey's rescue? Did he finally realize his father was a kook? Apparently so. Here's more...

We will see Harry battling his inner demons to make the choice between his father's legacy and his best friend. I will fill you in more later but gotta go, crew call in 10 minutes, Sam doesn't like it when anyones late! Holla, Peace

Hey, but wait, according to the Matthew Mungle website James Franco will have make-up and appliances put on. So will be see Harry as Green Goblin II, Spidey's ally? I guess that remains to be seen!!

Spoiler's Over!!

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