Monday, February 13, 2006


I'm the first to acknowledge the ability to be lead in the wrong direction by gut reactions, but you've got to trust your gut too, because time after time, when no present evidence will guide you, your gut, will be there. When I first saw the original trailer for Marvel's new "Hard Edged" Ultimates movie, my lower abdominal was telling me "Shut up Sucka! Don't even think about it!! This looks like Ultimate 90's Spider-man cartoon crap, Fool!!" (It doesn't actually sound that much like Mr T, more like Luke Cage) Now I have to say that overall, I listen when it talks to me. It let me know, back in 94', when it thought that two guys, at the bus station in Albany, were scoping me out as a possible "Muggee" once the crowd thinned out. It told me to go up to the two guys while there were still people around and chat with them. Just when the conversation seemed really normal and pleasant, when the crowds of travelers faded away and I began to doubt my senses, one fellow looked at the other and said,
"Nice guy, but he's got no money, let's go!"

I foolishly didn't pay it any mind, I bought my tickets, I sat in that vacant theater with someone who turned out to be a very forgiving friend and several other well meaning fools. Within a mere eight minutes we saw eight honest American dollar bills transmogrify into about eighty pounds of fresh elephant dung in a totally new and completely different way than peanuts do.
I'll never forgive Harry for that load of steamers!!

That said, I'm rethinking my reaction to the Ultimate Avengers trailer. Why? The answer lies below. I'm not saying this is ready to compete with the JLU cartoon, but the two clips below, given to Aintitcool News and, respectively, show a much more savvy movie than the trailer did. I'm still in no way sure about this, but I am ready to get my hands on it, as soon as I can. Maybe Marvel is ready to leave Electra and Punisher in the past!! I sure hope so..


Special Ops Media and Lionsgate have been kind enough to provide us with an exclusive clip from their upcoming ULTIMATE AVENGERS direct-to-dvd release, which marks a new sort of approach for Marvel movies

Exclusive: New Ultimate Avengers: The Movie Clip!

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has provided Superhero Hype! with an exclusive clip from Marvel's first-ever animated movie, Ultimate Avengers: The Movie, coming to stores on February 21.

Visit the official website at for more info!

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