Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Batman vs. Superman? Someday?..Yes.

Never have I doubted that this will come. A movie featuring both the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. Could it work? Yes, there is no denying that the modern era of comics has shown that the water/oil mix of these two opposing forces of nature; God versus Man, Brain versus Brawn or positive reinforcement versus negative reinforcement is an exciting and compelling story. When done right as in the DC animated series three part "World's Finest" we see that the world needs both heroes and that they each support the weakness of the other.

Batman is strongminded, serious, paranoid, always planning ahead, practical, violent, angry and dramatic. He is best when he is descending into tragedy, becoming more antisocial and more controlling. Rule #1 for Batman: given time, he can plan and react to almost anything, although he's only human. A human who has the money to buy plenty of kryptonite and brilliant enough to use magic or science to block Superman. The Batman would, opon hearing the news reports of the existence of a Superman, spend every waking hour to devise multiple plans and scenarios to deal with this "Alien" just in case the day comes when he proves a danger. Superman is unchecked power and one of the largest threats in the world, yet he seems to be a force for good.....for now.
Superman is open minded, trusting, generous and benevolent, gentle yet godlike, upfront, honest and friendly. Almost all seeing and all knowing and yet, he tends to push head first into things, because he can afford to. His limitations are much greater in the newer incarnations and let's not forget, in 1939 he could only jump a building and was just a bit stronger than ten men. Rule #1 for Superman: His strength is tied to his heart and his compassion. So much of the time he is pulling his punches. Only true fear for those he loves, and that's the whole planet (aw, how sweet!), can allow him to let loose on someone like Lobo or Darkseid. He is more interesting, when he is vulnerable and imperfect, when he can't save everyone. When he first hears of "The Batman," he would probably covertly observe him and find him an uncertain quantity. The more often he observes however, the more likely he would unknowingly be studied in turn (see Batman Rule #1). Batman is at least as dangerous as Lex Luthor, but his methods, which Superman does not truly approve of, are not that of a true criminal. This gives Superman pause.

The well made Superman Vs. Batman movie will incorporate these extremes and in the end find the cohesion of the most powerful teamup possible in all comics and movies. Supes hits them high and Batman sneaks around the back and hits them low. Batman learns to almost trust this god and through this trust, use his friend's potential to pass his own limitations. Clark is his friend and in a strange way much more of a functional human being, than Bruce is. Superman learns to respect this mortal and to rely on him more than any god or super being. Bruce is his equal and getting there with no powers, makes him almost his better.

Below, surprise! The Moviehole.net tells us that this idea is not dead. But will it be the death of the one character superhero movie? If successful, will the genre be filled with teamups, guest stars and compromise? You better bet your lunch money!! Although I'm hoping Watchmen makes it to the screen first and explodes the "teamup" gimmick before it starts.
It was all set to go a couple of years ago, it just never, excuse the pun, took off. Talking of course about the much talked-about "Batman vs. Superman" – the script of which, has been widely available on the internet longer than Frank Castle's been The Punisher – which director Wolfgang Peterson was set to steer into production, before he got a woody for swords and swords and went and done "Troy" instead.

You remember the one? In it, Batman and Superman have a bit of a skirmish. Capes fly, as they say. Everyone from Jude Law to John Travolta (priceless!) to Colin Farrell was apparently in talks to take part in the production. At the end of the day, Warner decided to ditch the idea – for the meantime anyway – and relaunch the solo adventures of Clark and Brucie, respectively.

There are rumblings that the Superhero teaming will happen at one stage, but not until after a couple of solo efforts for the new "Batman" and "Superman", which would make sense. Having said that, it's a shoe-in that both Brandon 'Superman' Routh and Christian 'Batman' Bale will reprise their roles for the two-hander.

IESB caught up with Peterson and asked him whether he was still interested in bringing "Batman Vs.Superman" to the big screen still – even if it is in twenty years time – and though he reminds that it's "on the shelf right now", he did confirm that "at one point" he might do it.

The script for "Batman Vs.Superman", by "Se7en" writer Andrew Kevin Walker, sees an aged Bruce Wayne - who lost Robin, the boy wonder, some five years before - retired from Batman duties and retiring with new fiancee Elizabeth. Unfortunately, Batman's old foes return just after their wedding - namely, The Joker - and Elizabeth is murdered. Hell-bent on getting revenge, Bruce dons the cape again in a mission to destroy the clown prince of crime. Superman, fearing Batman is about to cross the line and become a murderer like the criminals he chases, ends up clashing with the Caped Crusader over his motives - and the heroes are set on a violent collission against each other. Unbeknownst to the heroes, their actions are falling in line with a villainous plot by Lex Luthor, who is responsible for the resurrection of the Joker.

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