Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ghost Rider Hype

You know what always instills faith in a film project?

When it's months after the picture has gone into post production, the first trailer has already been considered a giant flop and they start presenting "exclusive new artwork" from the film that looks like the cover of an eighties heavy metal album.

First, why are you showing us artwork? Isn't artwork, what you do in pre-production to give an idea of the vision of the character? Aren't we long past that now?
Shouldn't we be seeing...the Ghost Rider himself? You're showing us storyboards, when we want to see action! Maybe a new, good trailer? A couple of scenes? Come on, this thing was shooting before X3 was! Is director Mark Steven Johnson just being careful and patient in getting this right? Or.... is the man who brought us DareDevil creating a giant fiery, cow pie with Nick Cage's hairpiece on top? Here are a few of the images that are brought to us by the super positive, super nice, super sweet people over at Superherohype, who love and promote everything. Movies Yay!. Check it out HERE!

SuperHero Hype! has your exclusive first look at new artwork for writer-director Mark Steven Johnson's Ghost Rider!

Columbia Pictures' anticipated comic book adaptation stars Nicolas Cage, Wes Bentley, Eva Mendes, Matt Long, Sam Elliott, Peter Fonda, Donal Logue, Mathew Wilkinson and Daniel Frederiksen. The film rides into theaters on February 16, 2007

Update! Hmmm, I guess the trailer is coming with X3, only a minute long? What are they hiding?

In addition to the new movie artwork by Crash McCreery, Ghost Rider writer/director Mark Steven Johnson has revealed on the SHH! Boards that the trailer will be in theaters with X-Men: The Last Stand on May 26!

The long wait for a theatrical trailer is almost over. Look for Ghost Rider to be on X-Men 3! May is almost here! You'll get to see him on the big screen (if only for a minute) instead of on your computer.

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Chip Chief said...

while the dealy of the movie does lead me to believe they are struggling with the effects, at least the extra time will help them to be better than they would have been. also, with the film pushed back to next year, i am sure they dont want to give away too much too early. really, a year ahead of time, it is a surprise that we have seen any footaage at all.