Friday, March 03, 2006

A Good Moore Film?


Alan Moore is the finest writer to ever write for comics. It's the truth, no question, no doubt, no close runners up. He is, in fact, one of the greatest writers I've ever read. His keen original mind is an international treasure that could redesign the creative medium if people would just believe in his work.

Yet if I were to mention him by his his greatest comic book triumphs, you the movie fan, would conjure up thoughts of "B-level" genre movies.

If I mention "Saga of The Swampthing" in which Moore took a formulaic monster/hero book and turned it into a psychologically, horrific search for humanity, you would recall a guy in a green plastic swamp suit driving a Jeep and shooting uzis at bad guys with Heather Locklear or fondling Adrienne Barbot.

If I mention "From Hell" an original look at the Jack the Ripper mythos, you would think
Johnny Depp and Heather Graham running around in a pointless bore fest, that was lacking even the slightest flavor of mystery.

If I were to tell you he created my favorite comic book character in John Constantine, the ex-Punk rocker, British spellcaster who leaves a bloody trail of guilt, cigarette butts and Guinness wherever he goes, you would say "Ahhh Keanu Reeves!! I saw that! It was about a guy who kicked demon's butts with a giant golden cross gun! It was..........okay!"

If I even dared tell you, one of my favorite books of his recent work was called "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" you would probably try to beat his address out of me, in hopes that you could find him and get your money back for those exspensive movie tickets. You would have the right to feel that way, although your anger would be misplaced.

Still, I would never doubt my opening statement: Alan Moore is the finest writer to ever write for comics. All that the moviegoer knows of Moore's voice is simply a sick Hollywood bastardization. This has caused the poor man to sever all ties and profits to translations of his work. The Moore curse, as we comics fans see it, unfairly fated that this brilliant man would become a household name in "crap-tastic" B movie history.

Hopefully, with the looming dread of his seminal work and instant classic "Watchmen" on and off again in pre-production movie hell, we may yet see the curse reversed this March with the movie version of his early classic "V for Vendetta."

One of my first exposures to Moore "V," is hyper-violence mixed with elegance and social commentary only before seen in movies like "A Clockwork Orange" or "Brazil."

Early buzz had this film horribly re-written, like much of Moore's work and the vibe was, the "curse" is still alive. Recently though, final reviews have been saying that this thing is the true translation, embodying all of Moore's rage and social criticism, but also contemporizing the story to a post 9/11 world view, where our government openly uses fear to contain us and blind murder is called "freedom fighting" on all sides. has an interview with the artist of "V," David Lloyd who apparently thinks, this one could be the curse breaker. If it is, perhaps the post "V" world will have the attention span to really do Watchmen in its most fitting praise...and treat it with care or leave it alone.

Lloyd Praises V Film

David Lloyd, who with Alan Moore wrote the graphic novel V for Vendetta, admitted to SCI FI Wire that he was concerned about how the upcoming film version might turn out after receiving the script from co-writers and co-producers Larry and Andy Wachowski.

"When I was first sent the script I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't more faithful to the original," Lloyd said. "But the changes they made were quite valid, and I think they kept the core of it completely."
Lloyd, a veteran illustrator, added: "They kept the spirit of it and the integrity of it, all the key scenes and key instances that happened in it. So I think they did a fantastic job."

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Anonymous said...

It's a hope, that it is. But bloody unlikely! I'm going, but I'm ready ta piss on the screen if it's another slab of wankering Hollywood!!

Jole! said...

If anyone is interested in what Alan thinks of all of this check out this article

from the NY times. I hope you all dig it