Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Well, well, well.......The X-Men Trailer!

The movie could be awful.

The Trailer could be a construct of a miracle PR team, skilled at taking home video clips of walking the dog in the park and making them look like a National Geographic spectacular.

I find that possibility very rare.

I find it very possible that this movie might actually....be good?

The trailer is emotional, political, and all of a sudden the mutant "cure" seems a likely reaction of the normal, fearful world. All of a sudden I'm not concerned about the deaths of major characters, because somehow, I feel the gravity of this movie and, if it is half as good as the trailer is, I feel the deep emotion of characters twisted by fate and choice.

Angel breaching the glass, building, Wolverine, thrown twenty feet, flat into a wall. Kitty Pryde running through wall after wall, only seconds before the Juggernaut smashes through each wall behind her. Armies are gathering. Mutant after mutant, unleashing their powers, mutant facing up against mutant. This looks f*cking serious!

This movie seems a brutal end to this mutant story, not of course to the "X-Men" movies, but to Hugh, Hallie, Patrick, Famke and the rest of the otherwise, likely to be "expensive if they return" cast. If this is half as good as it presents itself to be, there will be sequels and prequels and spinoffs galore.

Maybe Bret Ratner is a capable director, maybe so much was ready that it's a paint by the numbers gig, but for right now, I am no longer worried about this movie. I am actually excited about what I have seen, whether it be the end or the next step to a bunch of new beginnings. At least it will be a bang!

By the way, if you missed it, Jean's last words at the end of the trailer are "Kill Me!" Whoa!

Look at it Here!

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Chip Chief said...

There has been so much negative spin thrown at this movie, but the trailers have made me a believer. They first one may have been slightly better, but how could someone watch this preview and not get excited?