Wednesday, March 01, 2006

X-Men 3 Trailer, March 6th During "24"

I'm hearing from sources like Joblo, Latino Review and Superherohype, that next Monday, March 6th , Fox will premiere the new X-men 3 movie trailer during a two hour block of "24." Fox has been advertising this during "
American Idol," which is the biggest threat to the American sense of taste and culture since "RENT," "Kenny G," and "Ernest Goes To The Set of Pink Flamingos!"

The trailer will be over 2 minutes and hopefully will give fans a more concrete reason to applaud or rant in anger. I'll end the suspense now and tell you that if you already hate the movie (especially if you like to write talkbacks on AICN), you will hate it even if God herself comes down and creates real versions of the characters to fight for your amusement. I will love it, if it works. I don't know how else to say it...... It's got to work, it's got to feel like it belongs. I'm optimistic, but I ain't stupid! The trailer will be web bound moments after the Television debut, over at

Hey Fox! It's not too late!! Hire Angela Bassett and have her digitally inserted into the role of Storm!!! While your at it, do it to the first 2 movies too! I know, I know, I should really get over this......

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