Thursday, April 13, 2006

For Dave: that superman guy

This is a belated birthday present for my buddy Big Dave or as we used to call him "Dig Bave." I won't tell you his real name, but I will tell you that if you put it into a Google image search this guy shows up twice, which I think all in all, would make Dave's day, except that he's just the sort of person who puts his name in
a Google image search, so he already knows.

HA HA Just kidding Dave!
Happy Birthday Big Dave!!!

May you never turn into this guy or the fellow in the short film linked below, that you have to see. This is a real person, who somehow pays rent.

Safe for work, but there is some swearing, so if you work at Chuck E.
Cheese turn it up to drown out the sound of the kids screaming as they pee in the ball room pool thingy.

that superman guy (HERE)

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