Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hahaha......Sailor Lohan?

This is most likely a big lie, but it's funny so let's pretend that the actress in question is trying to commit career suicide. Then if it is true, we will know it's one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

In an effort to completely play to her carnivorous 12 year-old demographic, Lindsay Lohan is taking on the super hero genre by starring in a live action adaptation of Anime's answer to Strawberry Shortcake being gene spliced with Gem! That's right! Lindsay Lohan is ...Sailor Moon! Does that automatically make Hillary Duff "Hello Kitty" or the Pink "Power Ranger?" I couldn't tell you, because this information will never be more entertaining to any of us, then it is right now. (unless she's joined by more young, coked up starlets like Beanpole "do-it-yourself porno" Hilton, the one from American Pie with no brain or self respect left (which one was that?) and those billionaire twins from "Full House!" Ahhh, Today's role models, no wonder Today's girls are in so much trouble! If you really want a preview of what it could look like at best...look up "Cutie Honey" in Google. If you're wise, you'll just forget it. So should Lohan. If she really wants to do an Anime hero get someone to do a "Gachamen: Battle of The Planets" actually, I shouldn't give her any ideas.....

Below, the story comes from Joblo.com's new site moviehotties. Joblo, is a classy guy, isn't he?

Lindsay is Sailor Moon?

We suppose this could be considered our first legitimate completely unsubstantiated rumor that's almost surely completely untrue scoop. We were recently passed on the information that a Japanese Magazine titled Animage, in their current issue, announced that Fox has acquired the rights to the popular anime series SAILOR MOON and is looking to Joss Whedon to presumably write and direct a live action film. Further, they're hoping Miss Can't Keep Her Genitals Inside Her Clothes herself Lindsay Lohan will star alongside Jennifer Garner (as the main villain) in an all non-Asian cast.

All we know about Sailor Moon is that it features petite teens dressed in skimpy school girl-ish uniforms and knowing that, we can only hope that by the combined power of Xenu, Phillip Berg and Arnold Schwarzenegger, this news is true.

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