Saturday, May 20, 2006

Aquaman Preview..What Could Have Been

Where my TV show? Bah Aquaman Smash!
Seems the new WB/UPN merger network CW has spit out Aquaman, freeing NBC, Animal Planet or QVC to pick it up.... not that anyone has, but I guess anybody can take it and NBC needs good shows, don't you NBC? Sadly, I think this one may just float out of the bay and into the early TV graveyard, but damn it if it doesn't look half bad! Check out the real trailer/preview of the Aquaman Pilot with Ving Rhames and the whole gang of WB type overly beautiful people at YouTube HERE!

Looking around some more I found that CW hasn't quite thrown it away yet. Looking at the preview page above I'm having second thoughts. Is it me or does Lou Diamond Phillips look kinda like Gopher from the Love Boat?

IGN has the story HERE!

"at the press conference given today by Dawn Ostroff, President of Entertainment for CW, but one interesting mention she made worth noting was that "Aquaman is still a midseason contender," in response to a question about the Mercy Reef project focusing on the DC Comics character, which was believed to be dead when it wasn't part of the CW's initial choices for new series. Reef was not mentioned during the official Upfronts event, so its prospects seem doubtful, but apparently there is still a possibility for it to happen."

Can you hear the pitch? "Smallville meets 90210 meets Baywatch!!" (This guy actually lost the job, but at least he got paid to carry Lois)


Chip Chief said...

Smallville meets 90210 meets Baywatch!!

Classic! how could anyone turn that down? I dont know, at first I though an Aquaman show would be terrible, but that trailer wasn't terrible. It could be a fun show, and a fair replacement for Smallville which should be wrapping up soon.

Stuff Daddy said...

I wonder what they will use for Kryptonite? All the baddies Clark battled were exposed to Kryptonite. I guess this time its "The Triangle!" oooooo! Will this show really replace midseason? We shall see! Maybe Lou Diamond Phillips is Aqualad!