Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Favreau Talks About Ironman!

I like Jon Favreau, I really do. I don't know that he has excited me as a director, although 'Elf' is for the most part, a very dry and funny film. I haven't seen 'Zathura,' but to be fair I didn't see 'Jumangi' either. I have very little patience for young siblings bickering as they go adventuring. Probably because I spent so much of my childhood as a bickering sibling on adventures. I think 'ET' and 'Goonies' already did that bratty adolescent thing to death years ago and I hadn't even seen 'Goonies' until a couple years ago. (It did nothing for me, sorry, I waited too long)

Now if you want to tell me a real story of childhood like 'My Life As A Dog' or 'Stand By Me' where kids act like kids and not cherubic, candy eating, Mouseketeers, I'm there! But 'Zathura' didn't sell that to me.

'Swingers' was a damn fine 90's Indie joint, a fine little gem for old Jred's "Chick Flicks For Guys" list. (I really should put that up here somewhere...but that's another post)

My meandering point is that Favreau is still a relatively blank slate. I have no idea what he will bring to the table. I like him, I loved his 'Dinner For Five' show, but I don't yet see his vision for Ironman. That said, I sure like the way he talks about Ironman and I 'd prefer a guy like him, that cares about character, to a big special effects guy like Michael Bay.

That is the lesson of 'The Lord of the Rings,' 'Spider-man' and 'X-Men': If you care about the characters, the action becomes hundreds of times more dramatic and engaging. If only George Lucas hadn't forgot that, but then again, the 1980's and 90's was all about forgetting that, wasn't it?

My thoughts for Tony Stark? Billy Crudup. He's a leading man with real acting and emoting abilities, yet he's still an obscure name. And Jon? Remember that the strong friendship is Tony and Rhodey. Rhodey picks him up and takes over when he can't. Ironman is a buddy film. Rhodey isn't just a supporting character, he's the balance to Tony's depression and abuse. He's Alfred Pennyworth, with the ability to put on the suit. He is a major part of the 'Ironman' illusion that Tony creates.

Below IESB gets the goods in two video interviews with Jon Favreau. Link is HERE!

Source: IESB
Author: Robert Sanchez
Exclusive Video Interview:
Swingmeister Jon Favreau on His Vision of Iron Man

At the 32nd Annual Saturn Awards held Tuesday at the Universal Hilton, the swinger himself, Jon Favreau, attended to present legendary filmmaker Ray Harryhausen with the George Pal Memorial Award. With the recent announcement that he will be directing the upcoming Marvel project "IronMan", Favreau has certainly filled his plate! He tells us that they are currently putting John Cater of Mars on hold at Paramount. He chalks this up to the other sci fi film the studio is working on, the resurgence of Star Trek.

Favreau talks about his vision of Iron Man. He believes an adaptation should stay true to the original and take into consideration the story that has already been told. Iron Man is the star of this movie, he says, and a major star is not necessarily needed. He wants someone who will be available for sequels and prefers to follow the Bryan Singer model and cast an unknown.

Video Interview One
Video Interview Two

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