Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ghost Rider Trailer...I'll eat my hat!!

Let's be clear...DareDevil was so far short from what it could be and so poorly executed, it still makes me cry. After 'Sin City' we all saw the true grit that should have been the world of 'Hell's Kitchen.' Director Mark Steven Johnson has no credit with me. As far as I'm concerned 'Ghost Rider' is Dead on delivery. (oooo, I know bad)

So all I can say is this:
For a shitty movie, these trailers Kick Ass!!! Let me know what you think, and watch them both, they are a bit different.

Yahoo! I'm almost optimistic!! No, I know better.
Maybe I will be surprised!
Check em out HERE!


Kell Trenzer said...

I really hate Nic Cage though and how he narrates every movie he's in (hopefully this'll be an exception). Regardless it looks okay so far albeit a little cartoony.

Stuff Daddy said...

Yeah, I love the trailer, the two Ghost Riders are amazing! I also like the way he can turn right into GH, real quick!! But I know this movie will have no soul, just like poor Ghost Rider, it's gonna be all flash!