Thursday, May 04, 2006

Han Shoots First!! Han Shoots First!!

The Original Unaltered Trilogy, Untouched...on DVD!

I never thought I would see this day until the kids started fighting over the estate after Lucas's funeral, but here we are. I suppose there is a limited time to make money on conventional DVDs if BlueRay or HDDVD are going to take over (which they're not) and someone must have told George just how many Gazillions this DVDs will bring in (which it will) and since the whole double trilogy is over, I guess he decided there were no hard feelings...

Thanks George! I will cut down on my talking about those new crappy films! I promise! You are a man of honor. Wow, I feel like we're all back in 1977 hugging a wookie. Now I know who the good man that turned evil and then was saved is.... It was you all along, wasn't it George?? Thanks for coming back to the good side. For old times sake, I'll meet you at Tashi Station... I here they got the top of the line in power converters!!

This September: Original Unaltered Trilogy on DVD
May 03, 2006

In response to overwhelming demand, Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will release attractively priced individual two-disc releases of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Each release includes the 2004 digitally remastered version of the movie and, as bonus material, the theatrical edition of the film. That means you'll be able to enjoy Star Wars as it first appeared in 1977, Empire in 1980, and Jedi in 1983.

This release will only be available for a limited time: from September 12th to December 31st. International release will follow on or about the same day. Each original theatrical version will feature Dolby 2.0 Surround sound, close-captioning, and subtitles in English, French and Spanish for their U.S. release. International sound and subtitling vary by territory.

"Over the years, a truly countless number of fans have told us that they would love to see and own the original version that they remember experiencing in theaters," said Jim Ward, President of LucasArts and Senior Vice President of Lucasfilm Ltd. "We returned to the Lucasfilm Archives to search exhaustively for source material that could be presented on DVD. This is something that we're very excited to be able to give to fans in response to their continuing enthusiasm for Star Wars.

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Chip Chief said...

i wish i could make my own cut of star wars, WITH the revamped effects, but WITHOUT all the singing muppets, stepping on Jabba's tail, and goofy young anakin ghost additions. I think Empire is the only one that didnt have at least one terrible altered scene (after they took that lame falling Luke scream back out). but here is the thing, I just can't bring myself to buy star wars again. i don't believe for a second that when the trilogy came out on DVD and everyone was begging for the originals, that lucas didnt already have in his head the idea of waiting until special edition sales slowed to quintuple dip on us.

i really feel like lucas should issue subway club cards. everytime you buy the trilogy you get a stamp, and the 10th time is free. as cool as this news is, i just cant help but feeling annoyed. its funny that i just recently went off on this same issue when king kong came out: . little did I know, that George would strike again.