Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Superman Returns Trailer.... hmm..

Brian Singer, you brought back the superhero movie, you gave it gravity it had never known before. You know how to bring depth of character into focus even when the character has 12 inch metal claws popping through his knuckles! Bravo Brian!

Action, well action wasn't always your best friend. In 'X-Men,' you and action had what I would call a messy and uncomfortable first experience, that was fortunately somewhat pleasurable. 'X2' was better, the pieces seemed to fit, the rhythm was rocking and you made me believe that Nightcrawler could exist! From what I see of 'Superman Returns' you are taking another giant leap forward. The scenes of Superman soaring above the atmosphere will thrill us more than Lando taking the Millennium Falcon into the heart of the Death Star or Peter Parker panicking as he ponders the pavement above Park Place.

Still, for the first time Brian, I'm worried that it won't work. That a brooding Superman and a lampooning Lex won't be enough. This Superman isn't its own movie, it's an amalgamation of the earlier films and the Smallville TV show, a train that stops for every generation of Superman fan, yet doesn't seem to have its own identity. Brandon Routh is most definitely channeling Christopher Reeve, but sweet cherubic Kate Bosworth is as close to tough and gruff Margo Kidder as an apple is to a 1969 Pontiac Firebird Convertible, while Kevin Spacey seems to be wondering what would happen if Gene Hackman played Dr. Evil.

I feel like I'm in that show within a show on 'Seinfeld' called 'Jerry' which Jerry is in, but Kramer George and Elaine are played by other people to greater and lesser degrees of accuracy. It just feel weird, like I'm home, but all my stuff has been thrown out and replaced with a Beanie Baby collection and a Gideon Bible. If you can't go home again, I begin to wonder Brian, where are you taking us? Do you know? Am I wrong to question? I'll shut up now. What do you think? The Trailer is HERE!


Chip Chief said...

i like routh, and even spacey, but that just isnt lois. maybe she is just too young. also, i hear your skeptisism, i think the problem is that the movie doesnt look like its really about anything other than an homage to itself. i am sure there is a plot, but its not given away in this trailer. also, that its a bird sequence is a but corny.

dont get me wrong though, the film looks beautiful, and i will still pay to see it, but maybe only once.

Stuff Daddy said...

I am not missing this movie in the theater, but I'm just a bit worried that it's all a retread with the only new elements being psychological depth. Plus, I just find Smallville, as bad as it can be, to be more compelling. But that's just from the trailer...