Tuesday, June 27, 2006

BumbleBee is Not meant to be!!

Link is HERE!
Once apon a time....

Aintitcool had movie news,
they welcomed viewing by every Nerd.

But soon their place was empty space,
removed with just a lawyered word.

What is news and what is stolen?

Can we decide from what we see?

I have no ads
so I'm no business.

Feast your eyes on Bumblebee!

The story below is from HERE!

BEHOLD (Well, Not Any More...) An Autobot...Michael Bay Style!!

Merrick again...

Warren Lasky just sent this in. I don’t think this is out & about on The Net yet. If it is, I couldn’t find it & apologies in advance. It’s a partial look at Bumblebee…Michael Bay style…from the forthcoming movie. This is NOT a full body shot, but it’s clear enough to get a sense of the aesthtic and approach this new iteration of Transformers will sport.

Personally, I think it’s pretty groovy…although purists may take issue with this (apparently) sportier design.

BY THE WAY: This image file is a bit large…I didn’t reduce it because I thought you folks would want to see as much detail as possible. ENJOY!


LadyStarsceam said...

hell, yeah! kudos, man!
the pic got yanked off every other website that has it.
I'm so glad SOMEONE still has it up! I got it downloaded to my computer, and it's going on MY site, too. Let hasbro try to yoink ME! I have a free-hosted site Hah! neener neener neener!

Stuff Daddy said...

I Agree! And yet not even being asked to take down the pic, must mean they don't even care about me...sob!!

Kudos to you!!

Lady Starscream? Hmmmm... They would have to change the voice from that of the Cobra Commander to that of the Baroness.. The Baroness....sigh..