Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gatchaman Returns

'Battle of the Planets' was the reason I got my ass home right after school at the age of 6 in 1978. Marc, Princess, Tiny, Keyop and my favorite Jason, were the shining Manga heros of childhood glory. Each was a scrappy teenager with messy hair and colorful clothes stolen off the set of the 'Brady Bunch Variety Hour.' These were the poorly tranlated but still brillant templates for all super Anime that came after them. Plus they looked like lovely little birds. Birds that kicked ass!!

Basically, I'm one of those dopes who will buy in if it brings me closer to that Nirvana, which is "remembered childhood." Gatchaman is the pinnacle! Looks like an animated feature is coming.

The news below is from HERE!

'Gatchaman' in toon World Brief


Hong Kong animation studio Imagi, which is producing "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" for Warner Bros. and the Weinstein Co., plans to power up "Gatchaman," a bigscreen adaptation of one of the first Japanese comics to make it to TV as an anime series in the 1970s. Imagi has signed an option arrangement with Japan's Tatsunoko Prod. Co. for a CG-animated feature. Pic will retain the series' five caped superheroes, known as the Intl. Science Organization, and pitch them in a new story against their frequent nemesis Galactor.

It will be scripted and directed by Kevin Munroe, currently fulfilling those duties on "Turtles."
Production is expected to begin next year.

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