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Comic Con: Spider-Man 3...VENOM!!!

The picture below is incredible! It has been released on the Sony Spider-man website. If you have any question about what's going on in the picture, I can garentee that this a depiction of Eddie Brock's first meeting with the symbiote. Nuff Said!

Aintitcool has the Comic Con news on Venom and the Spider-man 3 Panel (Here!)

I cut out all but the importanat stuff, for more details click the link above:

Quint has seen VENOM!!! SPIDER-MAN 3 Comic-Con panel!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here from the floor at Comic-Con. I just saw the SPIDER-MAN 3 presentation and had to tell you about. Panel included Sam Raimi, Thomas Hayden Church, Kirsten Dunst, Tobey Maguire, Bryce Dallas Howard and Topher Grace. They teased us about not bringing footage, then finally unleashed upon us. Guys, Venom is fucking great... Let's start with him...

The footage opened with Topher dipping his fingers, crossing himself in a church. He looks completely distraught, eyes red... he looks like life has beaten him down. His voice wavers and he prays. He's alone in the church. He asks God for his help. "Please kill Peter Parker." Then a bunch of stuff happened that I'll get to in a second. The trailer ended with Topher and Venom. There was a montage of quick clips of Tobey Maguire at the top of the bell tower ripping the black suit off him. The SPIDER-MAN 3 logo comes up and you think that's it... but then we saw some unfinished effects of the symbiote dripping down, falling towards Topher Grace who is looking up. One drop falls and hits his right hand, immediately wrapping around his hand. The bulk of the symbiote hits him and wraps around him, pulling him to the ground, totally engulfing him. A cut and the camera is low to the ground a good distance away. It Raimi-cams EVIL DEAD style towards the black bulking mass. As it gets near the mass, Venom's head whips up looking straight into camera, which doesn't slow down and ends up rushing into his mouth where it goes to black. Venom's face. Exactly what you want to see. Big, big toothy mouth, bright white eyes. Looks just like the later McFarlane Venom face. The design looks great, Topher was great in the church sequence as Brock...

- Topher Grace grew up a huge fan of the SPIDER-MAN books and in particular loves the McFarlane era Venom. He likes that Eddie is Peter's doppelganger even before the whole Venom/Spidey "two different sides of the same coin" relationship comes in.

- Raimi was begged to give something up about the origin of the symbiote, but he wouldn't say. He did say that he wanted to keep the film grounded in a sort of real world and that he was avoiding the cosmic, which would make me think it's not going to be an alien. Raimi wanted to keep it a secret until it came out.

- Why Venom, after Raimi has said he doesn't care for the character? He said Avi Arad brought it up, saying this is the 3rd film and, pretty much, Raimi shouldn't be greedy. So, Raimi consented for the fans, but said that after seeing what Alvin Sargent did with him in the script he started to really take to the character. Then when he saw what Topher Grace brought to it, he fell in love with the character. "I may be the latest and last Venom fan..."

- Regarding Harry Osborn. Raimi said he is NOT Green Goblin II and he is NOT Hobgoblin, but something else. He wouldn't say any more than he is still very upset about his father's death and he does use his father's technology to go after Spider-Man.

- Regarding the high number of villains, Raimi said that they all come about due to the story. They aren't just wallpaper. They each have a real reason for being in there, dramatically. He wouldn't go any deeper than that.

There was some Sandman stuff. Rough effects, again, of Spidey punching Sandman's face, part of his mouth flying off in particles (sand). The rough animation had his skeletal structure underneath, but that could all be for reference. There was also a shot of Sandman with his giant hammer hand whooping the shit out of Spider-Man, sending him flying off camera...

- Church also talked about Raimi as a director: "Sam is nurturing, even offering his breast at the time... you know, if I was hungry and the food was too far away..."

- Raimi played around a bit with Church, but said something very heartfelt and genuine. He said that Church brought a very real amount of humanity to the role of Sandman. He's not just your typical villain in this movie.

- Finally, the question was asked, "Is this the last one?" Tobey answered the question saying that they tie up a lot of threads in this one, but don't completely close the door. As long as there are good stories to tell, he thinks they'll be there to tell them.

Update!! G4's Coverage:

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