Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Prime Example of The Michael Bay Way!

Alright, I get it. It's the little things that we have to give up right? Bumblebee is a Camaro. The names of many of the Decepticons have changed. They're not using the webshooters. Batman's costume is completely black. Okay. I get it. I'm hip to the need to have some change as long as the essence remains.

The essence.

The essential.

The Prime beliefs.

The belief in Prime.

This is what Michael Bay believes Prime should look like. Again, He has wiped this picture off AINTITCOOL.COM (Here) because I'm sure he knows the fans will hate it.
I am forgetting for the moment that this truck is not a Mack flat nose, although that is egregious. I am looking at a tricked out sleeper truck. The kind of thing that Michael Bay would buy. The kind of thing that would go to car shows and have a huge stereo system and a kick'n set of hydraulics AND it is detailed with flames and chrome that belong on "The Steve Miller Band" tour bus!!

Let's get something straight.

This is not Prime.

Prime is humble.

Prime is a ultilitarian flat nose Mack truck.

He is not BLING BLING!

He is not showy!

He does not play the best of Lynyrd Skynyrd on his MACH 460 sound system!!

I found Prime on the web over HERE!

This is Prime.

Prime is honest and sincere and hard working. He is not you Michael Bay. You don't get him. Yes I know he is a robot and that makes me a geek for caring, but a don't give a damn! I still care! So do a lot of people. People who will make or break your movie you selfish bastard!

Raimi gets it. You don't.

Michael Bay please fire yourself.
You have let us all down, by missing the point by a mile.

Stuffy Daddy Update!!

The always positive has links to footage of Mr. Bay making "Transformers." (Link Here!)

This one is an E! Entertainment Television piece that features some of the actors! (Link HERE!)

This one is a piece about the AirForce involvement that features Bay himself! (Link HERE!)

Fot a refresher, here is the WIKI slapdown on the Big P: (link Here!)

Optimus Prime is the leader of the heroic Autobots. On Cybertron, Prime puts all his talent to use to improve the world around him. Immensely kind and compassionate, Prime has dedicated himself to the protection of all life, particularly the inhabitants of Earth, and will battle his foes with unyielding resolve to uphold this belief. In power and intelligence, Optimus Prime has no equal, known as one of the greatest heroes on both Cybertron and Earth.

Optimus Prime transforms into a 1980s style Cab-Over-Engine semi-trailer, comprising three components. The truck's cab transforms into the robot mode of Prime himself, with vast strength and armed with a laser rifle. Within his chest is contained the mystic talisman known as the Creation Matrix or Autobot Matrix of Leadership, carried by all Autobot leaders and passed down through the ages.

Across the assorted continuities of the "Generation One" universe(s), there have been various interpretations of Optimus Prime; the cartoon leant towards Optimus Prime as a straightforward, wise and essentially upbeat battlefield general, while the Marvel Comics series, in addition to these more obvious characteristics, suggested a Prime secretly plagued by self-doubt and, more importantly, a conflicted sense of pacifism. One of Prime's most notable characteristics was his adamant commitment to leadership by example, and avoidance of any hypocrisy in his command.

The above mentioned pacifism was not always readily apparent, but Prime's craving for peace is generally palpable. He was an extremely reluctant warrior, and it was at times implied (particularly in the Movie, albeit in a subtle manner) that the conflict with the Decepticons lasted as long as it did primarily due to his unwillingness to take a more aggressive stance. Consistent with his appearance, he had an aura of tremendous size, strength, and authority, but which at the same time was overlaid with a sense of equally great compassion and benevolence, and at times, sorrow and fatigue. Archetypically speaking, Prime was a somewhat tragic paladin whose primary motivations were both his desire for peaceful existence, and his sacrificial concern for the welfare of those other than himself. Although his massive shoulders were able to carry it, the burden of his command weighed very heavily. A tragic constant of the character is his predilection for self-sacrifice - across all continuities and depictions of him (and later, his modern namesakes), it is almost a certainty that Prime will meet his end and later return to life (sometimes to repeat the process).

The original toy that was to become Optimus Prime was originally released by Takara in October of 1983, and designed by Hiroyuki Obara as part of the Diaclone toyline, there named Battle Convoy. The figure's definitive mouth-plate has become a constant design element in most incarnations and variants of Prime down the years (bar a few exceptions), although a 1984 children's book omitted it to what is now considered humorous effect. Integrated into the first year of the Transformers toyline, the toy was given its new name, Optimus Prime, by comic book writer/editor Dennis O'Neil.

STUFF DADDY UPDATE II This is an update from Nelson, Michael Bay's moderator on the Michael Bay website (HERE!) regarding the truck leak.

Spoke to Bay this morning... I said, he will post later on later regarding the designs (when I say later it could mean tonight or in a couple of days). Among some of the stuff: -They (Bay & Co.) are commited to maintaining total secrecy about this project until it hits the screen. We spoke of how there was no surprise factor to Peter Jackson's King Kong. You knew the whole movie ahead of time. There are some in the team who believe the audience's first peak of the robots in their normal mode should be when they sit down to watch the movie in the theater (in other words, no sneak peak of them in their normal mode in the trailers). -Bay & crew are well aware of sites putting out BS info in orded to elicit a response from Bay & Co. -

The reasons why they went with a huge long nose truck for OP (BTW, regarding the flames, there is a context for them like Orci pointed out). Bay said they did test with flat noses (FN) for scale purposes, and the FN would only be about 20 to 25 feet tall, so they went with the biggest truck they could find: the Peterbilt. We're talking 40 to 50 foot tall robots here. The physics for these robots have to be real...aka no magically disappearing parts. Also, OP is going to have much more red than what was shown in the supposedly "leaked" photo. -

Regarding the designers... all I can say is he said they all had to be fans of the show in order to get their jobs.

Regarding the Ludacris, he does not have a part in TF.

That Truck on the right was posted by a fan on the site. Seeing it all red it's not as bad. I still hate it, but it's not as Bling Bling!- Stuff Daddy


Anonymous said...

As much as I don't think of a Camero as bumblebee. (If they couldn't get an old or new bug I think he should have been a Focus FX5 or Honda Civic) I think Prime being a more modern truck (sans the paint job that sucks)if he transforms and has a blue head and mouth shield and is still Prime it's okay. As long as the spirit of the characters are the same I'll be cool with Bay's version.

Prime has been all sorts of things and a more modern truck isn't that big a deal.

Oh and I've been a Transformers fan since they first arrived in North America and Prime was the first TF I got as a kid. So I'm not a casual fan but I also get that things need to be updated.


Stuff Daddy said...

I wish I agreed with you, but most of the "things" that Prime has been are just different versions of a red, flatnose truck. These are mostly just souped up versions of the original. In the original Animated series, movie and even Beast Wars and Beast Machines which mention him, he is always that red flat nose truck. Optimus Prime and Optimus Primal are not the same character. On cybertron, he wasn't that truck, and yes these robots can be formed into any vehicle, but the Icon that exists in the US, Japan and around the world, is the G1 red flat nose. Imagine a scene in the movie where we see it for the first time. Maybe it's just parked somewhere in the background when two actors are talking. If we saw that red square beauty we would get excited even before we see a single robot. That truck alone, would bring the audience to thunderous aplause. I think it is a mistake to lose that kind of iconic power.

KnightFire420 said...

I see your point I just don't think it's as bad as Bumblebee being a Camero.

I need to go back to my tapes and see if Primal and Prime weren't the same character cause I've posted that to a lot of TF forums and a lot of people strongly disagree.

Trust me I don't like the Fast and Furious Transformers either but I still feel that it would have been this, something worse or nothing and I would rather have this.

Stuff Daddy said...

You are of course right. It could still be a good movie. Spider-man could have been good if they changed the costume like they originally planned, but thank God they didn't. Some changes make sense. I'm not one to argue every little thing. Prime is special to my childhood, so is Bumblebee. If they get them right in the script it could still work, but why make it harder than it has to be? This change doesn't come from Michael Bay wanting to make the movie better, it comes from him wanting to make the movie his. Just like the producers who gave Superman the power to throw a giant platic "S" at the bad guys in Superman II. Everyone who works on this kind of property should study Sam Raimi. Sam knows the score. Optimus Primal is a descendant of Optimus Prime. He is named in honor of his elder. They meet in "Beast Machines," it is all quite clear. Look it up in wiki.

Kell Trenzer said...

Now I hope he's got a Playstation 2 in the back with a tiny plasma monitor and those spinny rims.

KnightFire420 said...

I like the red truck in your picture better then that Fast and Furious Prime leak.

Yeah I saw that Optimus Primal was a relative or what not but I think that each version of TF has had different Primes. I actually have the Prime figure where he is a fire truck. That was still Optimus Prime just a different incarnation of the hero. So in the movie he's a different style truck does that matter? really no. What does matter is like I said before if he is Prime and I believe (hope) that he will be.

You know Megatron won't be a gun right? That was said from day one. Will that change Megatron? Not if he's still Megatron it won't.

I'm also cool with the fact that Bay wants these bots to be bigger then 20-25 feet tall. I do remember reading Prime's spects one time and then seeing him in a comic with Megatron fighting and thinking "wow those are small buildings around them." If Bay's going for 40-50 foot bots and figured that it would be better with this truck I'm cool with that because it actually makes sense.

I still wish they would change Bumblebee but we can't have everything right? I really think Bay is going to do a good job with this one and most of us are just nervious and probably will continue to be worried until the film comes out.

KnightFire420 said...

Oh and I keep meaning to say great site and thanks for the TF talk. I really enjoy it.

Stuff Daddy said...

I guess the only Optimus Prime I want to see is the G1 model. To me, all the others are after the fact. The Transformers broke through into the big time, leaving Gobots and other toys behind. That was the original characters that did that. Spidey wouldn't start out with the black costume in the first movie. Prime should be the icon he was when the whole thing hit it big. It's about history and what works. No question the "G1" Prime is the most beloved, give him his spolight. Then, if he wants to be a fire truck or a dinosaur, who cares.. Not to down play other versions, I love Beast Wars and Beast Machines. (they actually are a lot better than the original) It all depends on whether or not we buy Prime in this movie. I think there's too much messing with the recipe... I could be wrong in the end and at least I'll have Spidey 3.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for returning. I'm glad you like it and I appreciate you comments. I'm always looking for more ideas and opinions- Jared, The Stuff Daddy