Saturday, August 12, 2006

A You Tube Visit with Alan Moore..

I've said it before and I think what I actually said was this:

"Alan Moore is the finest writer to ever write for comics. It's the truth, no question, no doubt, no close runners up. He is, in fact, one of the greatest writers I've ever read. His keen original mind is an international treasure that could redesign the creative medium if people would just believe in his work."
(from "A Good Moore Film")

And he is. In fact many believe he will one day be looked at more prominently in historical hindsight.
People like to push away from Mr. Moore, the same way I once tried to push away from Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and Bob Marley, because everyone in college who liked Jimi was a burnout, the Marley fans were those white boys with the self-imposed dreadlocks and anyone who liked the Beatles was a virgin, musically and otherwise.

You can't escape the great ones though... I love the "Velvet Underground", "Ornette Coleman," The Great "Rahsaan Roland Kirk" and "Iggy Pop and the Stooges" I love the obscure and underappreciated, but every once in a while something is both undeniably, the pinnacle of achievement and popular with the general public. In the end, those who keep themselves from Jimi, Bob, Paul and John, only hurt themselves...

For comic fans who would rather have a better answer than "Alan Moore" to "Who is the greatest comic book writer?" ..... Give Up, there isn't one. Okay, maybe Will Eisner, but that's it.

Sure there are other greats:
(The list below is not exclusive or my opinion, just a smattering of some of mine and my friends favorites)

Will Eisner
Jack Cole
Marv Wolfman
Denny O'Neil
Stan Lee
Garth Ennis
Neil Gaiman
Frank Miller
Brian Michael Bendis
Chris Claremont
Grant Morrison
Art Spiegelman
Los Bros Hernandez
Dennis P. Eichhorn
Ed Brubaker
Len Wein
Daniel Clowes
Carl Barks
Steve Englehart
Terry LaBan
(Jim Owsley) Christopher Priest
Gerry Conway
Peter David
Mark Millar
Harlan Ellison
Mark Evanier
Dave Sim
Mike Baron
Peter Milligan
Warren Ellis
Jamie Delano
Brian K. Vaughan
Robert Kirkman

Even many of these guys know that Moore is a transcendent light, and a truly original voice in comics.
Most of the edgy young writers Today owe him big.

Nuff Said.

Here's a celebration of Alan Moore I was viewing this morning on the YouTube.

"Culture Show: Alan Moore" is a BBC2 mini doc show that celebrates artists with pretentious editing.
Part one, Part Two, Part Three,
Part Four, Part Five, Part Six

"Comic Tales With Alan Moore" Is a great little show that is all Alan, talking about the creepy history of North Hampton, magic and creativity..
Part one, Part Two, Part Three,
Part Four, Part Five, Part Six,

Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine,
Part Ten, Part Eleve

An 1980's Alan Moore interviewed by a complete moron on on a kid's show called "Get Fresh"
Watch It Here!

Something called "The Mindscape Of Alan Moore".....I dunno, but it's creepy.
Watch It Here!

Also, 3 great Onion AV Club interviews with Alan Moore,
(suggested by my pal Bill)
(October 24th, 2001)
(June 25th, 2003)
(August 2nd, 2006)

Geeks talking about Watchman
Watch It Here!

And last but not least, or maybe least, okay, at least better than the "Geeks talking about Watchman" stuff:
a student film that takes a page from Watchman and turns it into a pretty nice little short film.


hungrytim said...

Alan Moore is deffinently one of my top favorite Grafic Novel authors. I own Watchmen and V for Vendeta. Did you here about this news about a watchmen movie? It says 2006!! I'm still tripping. What do you think?

P.S. Is it cool with you if I link to you on my blog?

Stuff Daddy said...

Yeah, I heard. Its been on schedule before, so keep guarded, it may never happen. Last time a great script and director were attached. This time... if "300" is amazing I will be excited. I'll do a post about Watchmen soon.

P.S. Sure!! Thanks!

Stuff Daddy said...

Have you read "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" or "Top Ten?"

Kell Trenzer said...

I'm really worried about Watchmen being a movie not cause I'm protective of it or anything, but the pacing and it's reception (by the general masses) is a definite issue. Nonetheless it'll be interesting to see.

(seeing as we're doing P.S.'s)
P.S. The short Watchmen film was kinda cool, kinda Sin City-ish.