Thursday, September 21, 2006

300 Reasons to Renew My Faith...


Okay, I haven't been writing.... Yes, work has been busy. Yes, the summer fun is over and the comic book movies are hibernating.

Yes Michael Bay is making his Transformers movie and I guess, I have been focusing on other things, trying to ignore the sadness of Hollywood's dilution game and trying to be a "good sport" by playing "wait and see those darn robots in motion before I condemn." The truth is, with Spidey a year away, and every major genre film this year, barring "V for Vendetta," a let down of some sorts... I've been kind of tired of superheros and comic films.

Thank the Heavens for "The Venture Brothers," "It's Alway's Sunny in Philadelphia" and the barely better than anything else Marvel has done in animation series "Fantastic Four."

Oh and in case you didn't know, that show with the Bing guy from friends "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" or something like that? It's a great show, and it has just given Bing a new lease on a career.

Anyway, Frank Miller should make Alan Moore rethink the whole "making movies out of his projects" thing. Miller seems to be becoming a god in the moving picture, while Moore, who is miles above him in the comic book world (in my mind at least), has washed his hands of all movies made from his ideas. I think by attacking "V for Vendetta," based on his book of the same name, mostly because of his anger at producer Joel Silver's lies about him supporting the project, he has thrown that one worthwhile "baby" out with a swimming pool size amount of bath water. (the bath water would be, "From Hell," "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," "Constantine," and "Swampthing")

The truth is simple. Frank Miller's work is being made into movies that seem to be reinterpret film by teaching film all the dramatic visual lessons of sequential art. Maybe that's because Miller is an artist as well as a writer. Maybe Robert Rodriguez changed his mind with "Sin City." "Sin City" changed the course of film, whether or not Hollywood knows it yet.

Alan, look at this trailer for "Frank Miller's 300." And tell me you don't think "hmmmmm, maybe 'Top Ten' or 'Promethia?"


I know I just regained my faith the Comic Book Movies...

You will too..


"Based on the epic graphic novel by Frank Miller, 300 is a ferocious retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite against their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand for democracy. The film brings MillerĂ­s (Sin City) acclaimed graphic novel to life by combining live action with virtual backgrounds that capture his distinct vision of this ancient historic tale."

This I need to see on the big screen!!

(or at least a bigger version, can you say QUICKTIME!!)

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