Friday, September 01, 2006

MSJ Answers His...I mean, Your Questions

Over HERE at the Sony Ghost Rider Blog, good old Director of DareDevil, Mark Steven "L'll Man Tate" Johnson is answering those hard biting questions we all want to know about his new movie.

Hard hitting questions like:

What's the film making experience like when shooting a flick about a character that's loved by so many fans?

(Is there really an answer to this question? "It's like the film making experience when you're shooting a flick about a character that no one loves, except harder!")

Yeesh! You guys better calm down with the aggressive fan tactics. Be patient. Let Mark tell you the answers to the burning questions like:

OK, first I wanna say I love Nicholas Cage. He's definitely in my top 5 favorite actors and it's great to see him as a superhero, but I have to ask - Why did you chose Nic?

(Because Nick's hopes fell through with Superman, Spider-man (Green Goblin), and pretty much every other superhero film out there.. Nick named himself after Luke Cage, Power Man. Nick likes comics. Its part of his Myth. Ghost Rider was the last movie he could get into unless he wanted to fight Sailor Moon or chase Garfield!)

How about this tough guy:

JW: If this film does well will we see a sequel?

(Yes. No. It all depends on if you get your wallet inspected in time. Run outside now and find the nearest wallet inspector, quick! And don't forget to stand in the middle of the road when you're out there! That's where the treasure is!)

Oh My, those were tough ones huh?

Luckily, your Stuff Daddy had some questions he sent in to slow pitch
Mark Steven Johnson's troubled mind:

I was wondering if your questions were written by
a) your PR department
b)imaginary people that live in your head

Just wondering,
it's hard to tell which.
I'm surprised no one asked you
how much nose you like in your butt.
Here's some real questions, coming from a real Ghost Rider fan:

1) "Do you feel concerned about the possibility that religious groups might be alarmed by what they will see as a sympathetic Satanic superhero?"

2) "Do you feel that the action in this movie will be more successful that the 'Peter Pan Fu' that you used in DareDevil?
(by the way, why the hell could Elektra and Bullseye fly when they jumped?)"

3) "Did you watch 'Sin City?'
Did you learn anything from it?
Is it applied in 'Ghost Rider?'"

4) "You seem to be taking on all of Marvel's 'Gritty,' 'Street' characters.
Have you ever watched a Martin Scorsese film?
Have you ever seen a gritty fist fight?
Have you every been in an alleyway?"

That was fun,
and good luck.....Good Luck.

Director and Imaginary Bike Rider Mark Steven "L'll Man Tate" Johnson


ronin_tengu said...

Awesome! I wish more questions were like yours. Please let your readers know if he answers any of them (I am not holding my breath).

"Imaginary motorcycle rider..." classic!


Kell Trenzer said...

At least someone asked real questions. The other half of the problem is Marvel doesn't seem to give a shit.