Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spaceballs The Animated No.

In the post Ren & Stimpy world of pseudo sarcastic talking milkshakes and meatwads do we really have need of the Shwartz?

I suppose Mr. Brooks is revamping past works as he has so successfully done with "The Producers." Why not a "Young Frankenstien Transalvainian Style Plastic Surgery" franchise or a "Blazing Saddles All You Can Eat Bean Buffet" chain?

Will Spaceballs work Today? Sadly, while Mel is truly a genius, a poorly done carton will only dilute his library of funny. I would rather leave "Spaceballs" in the 80's where it is timely and fun. The "Space Spoof" is now a tired standard heap of SNL and MADTV sketches along with the obligatory "Star Trek" Captain Kirk parody that every sarcastic cartoon has done since Ren & Stimpy perfected it in the 90's with "Space Madness" to the unfortunate and yet somehow charming rehash of "Duck Dodgers" that ran on Cartoon Network. On top of all that, "Futurama," the ultimate Sci-Fi cartoon parody show, is back from the dead, in all it's brilliance, with new episodes on the way. "Spaceballs" may have been a fresh idea in 1987, but it's been picked over and over in the past twenty years.

The truth is, I don't think "Spaceballs" holds a candle to
"Young Frankenstien" or "Blazing Saddles." There is this running theory among my friends, that the first Mel Brooks movie you see is your favorite. For me it's true. Nothing is as funny as "Blazing Saddles," but then again, Mel wrote that with Richard Pryor. (They said you was hung!! ...And they was Right!! --You think Mel wrote that?)

Some one should send Mel some Futurama DVDs and let him know how high the bar has been set. I would, but I'll be busy watching the new and even better season of "The Venture Bros."

Brooks aiding animated 'Spaceballs' series

-- Legendary director Mel Brooks has begun working with three media companies to produce an animated U.S. TV series modeled after his film "Spaceballs."

The 80-year-old film director is working with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Berliner Film Companie GmbH and the G4 television network, Brooksfilms Limited, to produce "Spaceballs -- The Animated Series" based on his 1987 "Star Wars" parody, said MGM.

"We are thrilled to be working with two legends of the entertainment industry, Mel Brooks and MGM, on this exciting new series." said Berliner exec Rainer Soehnlein. "The Brooks imagination combined with the creative possibilities of animation will definitely make for something brand new in TV comedy."

The series will reportedly follow the G4 network's goal of targeting the U.S. male 18-34 age demographic when its initial 13 half-hour episodes begin airing in fall 2007.

The film company said that like the comedic film, the new series will follow the adventures of its heroes Lone Star and Barf as they attempt to save Princess Vespa from the clutches of the evil Dark Helmet.

I agree with their reaction.

They would rather watch this.

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