Friday, September 08, 2006


Not much to say about this, I don't think anyone knew what to expect from Daniel Craig as the new James Bond. I knew he was a very fine actor from "Layer Cake" and "Road to Perdition," but this trailer is really exciting...... REALLY.

I'm not saying it's a great film, who knows, I'm just saying that this trailer has put my butt in a theater seat first weekend (November 17th is opening day). It doesn't hurt that the new Spider-Man 3 trailer will debut before the film either.
Daniel Craig stars in "Casino Royale," take a look Here.

What do you Think?


Irene said...

Shaken AND Stirred?

This trailer looks fantastic! And unexpected. It hints at a new direction for James Bond. There are certain things that are just not at stake in the classical James Bond movies (with Timothy, Sean, and Roger). The question has only been how he will defeat Villian X and whether he will seduce the girl but he never seemed to be at risk of coming to any emotional brink. Of having his spirit and heart broken. Casino Royal looks like a scarier, darker James Bond but I hope that Bond still defeats villain X and get the girl – those are integral elements of the genre.

Stuff Daddy said...

Yes, I couldn't believe how good it looked! A few years ago, Quentin Tarantino proposed directing a Bond movie if they let him do "CASINO ROYALE" set in the 1950's. This was the original grain of sand that Martin Campbell & Barbara Broccoli have turned into this possible pearl. It's not just a new Bond, but a new begining. A Bond before Bond was the Bond we all know. I like it! This owes as much to Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins" which it seems to be taking it's que from. Hopefully, this should tell Hollywood that the real stars are the characters, writing and direction, not the celebrity. It is amazing that Bond has survived this long, to recreate himself once again! Still, in my book.... Batman takes out Bond in about ten seconds.