Tuesday, September 26, 2006

X3, It's all in the Cut!

Want to get pissed off?
Now that X3 is coming out on DVD, Fox has released extended and deleted scenes that didn't make the Ratner, pack the opening weekend with as many shows a day as you can, 1 hour and 40 minutes (way too short) theatrical version.

Guess what? Not one shot doesn't play better extended. In fact, each shot plays much better. Whether it's just the added growl of Beast's first meeting with Logan or the much more kickass Storm and Wolverine electrocuting Juggernaut at the Grey house fight, every scene seems to have more life, more punch and more "Not Suck!".

(yes I know Juggie wouldn't be stopped by lightening, shut up Geekboy!
I'm talking film drama, action and pacing!
Go watch StarGate!!)

So... I'm mad as hell!!
This crappy thing was cut so badly, that all the punch was taken out?
Was it?
Hey Fox!!
What else are you hiding on the editing room floor?
Maybe all the character development? Maybe the Angel doing....something??
A bad movie is bad enough, but if this thing could have been good...that is a damn shame.

Ok Ratner, you just made my "SlapYou Around With A Turkey Leg In An Alleyway" List!!

What do you guys think?


Kell Trenzer said...

I still try not to vomit when I think how bad this movie was. Is it worth revisiting (i.e. made that much better) because of extended/deleted scenes?

Stuff Daddy said...

The worst part of the movie for me was the absence of "character," and also the sucky Danger room sequence and no Nightcrawler, and Jean grey with no lines or Pheonix fire, standing in the background, killing Scott off screen, dumbass script lines for Juggernaut, still not replacing Halle with Angela Bassett, action over substance.... I liked Kitty Pryde. They should cut it to ten minutes and call it Kitty Pryde!