Friday, November 10, 2006

The Drama, The Pain, The New Spider-man 3 Trailer


Long ago I called this movie as I saw it. It was all about the black suit and yes we found out long ago, (but less long ago) that it WAS all about the black suit. Until recently, everyone has been complaining about this thing having too many villains and being overwhelmed with characters. Don't worry, Sam Raimi has not forgotten the key to Spider-man. No matter how many villains or troubles swirling round in the chaotic tornado that is the life of this tragic superhero, it's always, always, always.... all about Peter and the choice.

And now that we have seen the new trailer that just came out (and is now provided to you everywhere including below) we see that good old Sam has not forgotten this rule. The reason Spider-man will never be defeated in the hearts of his ever growing fan base, is that he is a royal, guilt-ridden mess.

Stan Lee and the boys at Timely Comics (Marvel Comics' original name) spent years writing teen romance focused soap opera comics, before they fatefully decided to merge their characters with colorful costumes and bad social skills, first with the bickering Fantastic Four and the brooding Hulk and then in their most perfect concoction: The Amazing Spider-man, equaling one part dark mysterious hooded hero, one part teen angst ridden pubescent nerd, one part monster movie (I Was A Teenage Fly), and one part internalized Woody Allen monologue.

Spider-man is at heart about the purpose of the hero, not the antihero who has largely taken that role since Clint Eastwood stood in the hot sun and put on a knit rug, but the hero, who has an ethical standard and a selflessness, that sadly many people Today cannot equate to their own choices. Peter didn't do the right thing because he wanted to or because he got rewarded, he did it because it was the right thing to do. His actions held together a larger ethical system, that believed that heroism is not fun, it's damn hard and thankless, but regardless, it is the only thing that elevates us from opportunism and blind rationality.

Perhaps this all sounds rather silly, optimistic and juvenile, and perhaps it is, but as much as I like Wolverine, I don't think he has anything to teach children about ethics they couldn't learn from TV Wrestling or the latest horror movie. The anti-hero is applauded when he kicks ass, and survives to fight again.

Spider-man is about overcoming fear, anger and selfish desires. It's about the pain of sometimes doing what is correct as opposed to sitting on the couch with your friends getting drunk on gin and tonics. In this world where self is all important and kids seem to have no idea how to rip themselves away from the "symbiotic" media monster that sucks at their brain, it's nice to see some piece of popular culture that focuses on something a little more noble than most.

After watching the new trailer I can see that once again, regardless of the cast of characters, Spider-man 3 is about Peter, fighting himself, to do the right thing.

Nuff Said.

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Kell Trenzer said...

But you hafta admit that more often than not the correct choice is to sit on the couch and get drunk on gin and tonics. I'd like to see that Spidey movie...

Stuff Daddy said...

Absolutely, that's the movie where Spidey learns not to throw up in his mask and how to sneak out early in the morning when he wakes up naked next to Titania with a spiked collar on. Remember the most important thing Uncle Ben ever said: "Don't mix sloe gin and beer!!"