Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ben and the Bear

I found some FF pics over at this Russian site: (here)

Fun, fun, fun... Boy I wish I was looking forward to this..


Kell Trenzer said...

This just in: The bear is actually GALACTUS!

Stuff Daddy said...

I think you have something there..

Fitz said...

Y'know I finally saw the first FF (haven't caught ROTSS yet) and I was, well, shocked at how many liberties they took with the storyline. I know they've little things with lots of these Marvel movies (Spidey's webs being a power rather than a device peter created, Iceman and Colossus being students when they would have already been X-men, etc) but the playing with the storyline for FF1 seemed beyond all that and then some. Didn't Doom injure himself when he and Reed and Ben were all in school together? And Doom wasn't involved in the spaceflight when the gained their powers i don't think. Then Doom burned his face putting on a hot mask, and his powers came from the armor, not his body--right!?

Alright, done kvetching. back to work.