Monday, April 16, 2007

Product Placement By The Light of a Dimwit

I just don't get it. First, why would a hovercar even need a "Hemmi?" Second, who thinks looking at a spaceship with a Dodge hood ornament will make anyone buy cars that rental places won't buy?

First, Ainititcool has been serving up the rumors on the new film (here):

1) Well... turns out that they've found a voice for Galactus... Laurence Fishburne - now it's still a rumor - but a reliable one. Okay, not bad... I love Larry!! Great voice casting!!

UPDATE!!! According to Variety (here), Fishburne is the Voice of The Silver Surfer, not Galactus!!

Laurence Fishburne is waxing his board for sequel "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer." Actor will voice the role of the Silver Surfer in the summer tentpole, which 20th Century Fox bows June 15. Internet buzz had suggested that Fishburne was up to voice the role of the evil Galactus, but the studio hasn't decided whether Galactus will even speak. Silver Surfer, who rides his surfboard through space, is the herald for the planet-destroying Galactus. Fishburne, who has strong credibility among fanboys for his role in the "Matrix" franchise, joined "Silver Surfer" this week.

And over at Aintitcool News (here) the rumor is that Galactus isn't a large man in pink and purple, he's a storm cloud!! Yeesh!!

Wanted to let you know what Galactus is going to look like / be represented as in the FF2 sequel:
A storm cloud. Yep.
That's it. That's the solution from the creatives.
(clears throat).....pretty lame.
Think Superman/Silver Surfer flying through clouds with Galactus / Jorel VO.

2) In Seattle on the night of April 10th - Fox had a test screening of FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER and the word on the screening that has reached me is that the film was "sooo bad that they felt dirty and wanted to write letters of complaint." Nice!

UPDATE!! As good ol' Anonymous says below in the comments, IESB disputes rumor #2. (here)

Fantastic Four Rumors You Shouldn't Believe!
Written by Robert Sanchez
Friday, 13 April 2007

A few days ago, a rumor hit the web that a test screening for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer took place in Seattle. Guess what?

Not true, the movie has not had any test screenings at all according to Fox and Marvel. Interesting thing about the initial report is that there was no review to go along with the scoop except for typical fanboy bashing.

So to all you Fan Four fans, take a breath, it was all a big lie. (Again, is this more or less credible than Ainitcool? A little more, because the studio has apparently put it on the line and answered a question, but then again, I wouldn't want people to know if it really stunk in testing. My bet, if they hold this from the critics like GhostRider did, then there was a test screening and FF2: Silver Surfer Bugaloo got a big "F.")

In keeping with the destructive, wasteful crapfest that I now believe FF2: Look it's the Silver Surfer, will be (and I'm talking wasteful like putting caviar on Velveeta covered Pringles) here's another piece of wasteful advertising that shows the complete difference between Sony and Marvel making Spider-man movies and
Sony and Marvel destroying Jack Kirby's legacy. (here):

Super Dodge for Superheroes
No. 5 U.S. brand lands product placement rights to 'Fantastic Four' film, inspires supercar's design.

Scott Burgess / The Detroit News

Superheroes need super wheels.
So it only makes sense to pimp their ride with a cross-haired grille and drop a Hemi under the hood. (yes "pimp their ride" is the "Bomb!" "Raise the Roof!!")

When the Fantastic Four start up their Fantasticar on June 15 in theaters, the car will be a Dodge.
America's fifth-largest brand has confirmed it landed the product placement rights to "Fantastic Four: The Rise of Silver Surfer." ("America's fifth-largest brand" says it all. Spam is America's fifth favorite meat byproduct.)

"We saw this as a great opportunity," said James Kenyon, a Chrysler Group spokesman. "We like the demographics of the movie and think it will play well with Dodge."
(I want to look at those demographics. I bet it says: People who tape their wallet on the outside of their clothes. That would be an opportunity!)

The sleek vehicle, inspired by the shape of a manta ray, took about 10 months to design and build, said the Fantisticar's designer, Tim Flattery, the conceptual artist for the film.
(I does look nice, but does it look like a Dodge? Thank God no! Not one that I ever saw.)

Once it was complete, it lacked the branding of any carmaker until Dodge struck a deal with 20th Century Fox last fall. Kenyon declined to say how much Dodge spent on the deal.
(I see, its just an added brand, It could have been anything. "GoldBond" foot cream, "Twinkies" or "Preparation H.")

Flattery, a Michigan native and 1987 graduate of the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, didn't have to look past his driveway for inspiration.

"I drive an SRT8 Dodge Magnum," said Flattery, who designed the Batmobile for the movie "Batman Forever."
(Let's be fair, below... the Dodge Magnum SRT8. Yeah....... it looks just like the Fantasticar above. He was inspired by Lamborghini, Hummer, Rolls Royce and BMW. Dodge called back.)

The 4,000-pound prop measures 20-feet long and 13-feet wide and has amazing on-screen abilities; in real life, however, it needs a crane to move. (The crane is sponsored by TONKA.)


Anonymous said...

There was NO screening of FF2 in Seattle. In fact there have been no screenings of the film. Get off the Harry Knowles bandwagon and get the facts straight. IESB squashed this rumor after the AICN report. It's pure BS.

Stuff Daddy said...

I hope you're right and I did check IESB, but if I were Sony and I'd gotten bad feedback I would deny showing the movie too. Knowles is certainly not the source he used to be, but then again, I don't trust him anymore than I trust IESB, which isn't much. There is only rumor until you corroborate your sources. If the government lies, why do you think entertainment companies don't?

They got a lot of money ridding on this and GhostRider taught them that hiding from the critics until showtime can pay off big. Still as much as I did like BarberShop, I hated everything about FF1 except the Thing and Torchie.

I'll be happy to be wrong about this movie and I'll give it every opportunity to win me over. I just wish they didn't waste Galactus and ol' SS by adding them to a rather "B" level franchise. They could have been done as their own movie with a better director... Electra, Dark Pheonix, DareDevil, John Constantine.. so many great characters lost to poor execution.

kelltrenzer said...

Then anonymous I could say you're on the IESB bandwagon?

Regardless, FF1 was a complete waste of time and I don't understand how anyone who saw the first one would shell out any more money than for a rental for the second.

Stuff Daddy said...

Yeah, I would tend to agree, but I love the Silver Surfer and Galactus and it's killing me, but I really want to see them on the big screen. Course, I also wanted to see the Dark Phoenix on the big screen, and we all know how that went..

Kell Trenzer said...

How about all the characters are storm clouds instead? I mean if they're just gonna make Galactus one (I would kill to see a really cool Galactus onscreen, what a visual that'd be) they might as well spare us from the rest of the crap they're gonna shovel on us.