Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Here's Ironman!

Look what just popped up at (here)
I must say this looks like Ironman!
I have high hopes for this to be the next great Marvel franchise!!

Exclusive: This is ''Iron Man''
Sneak a peek at the new robo-suit that will turn Robert Downey Jr. into a comic-book legend in the May 2008 movie

By Jeff Jensen

Iron Man is the latest Marvel Comics superhero to jump from splash page to big screen. (The film is due May 2008.) Director Jon Favreau (Elf ) began shooting in March with star Robert Downey Jr. — in his first comic-book role — as the man inside the cybernetic Mark III suit (pictured) and Gwyneth Paltrow as his trusted assistant. In the film, Downey plays Tony Stark, a playboy industrialist who decides to don high-tech armor to fight baddies after suffering a life-threatening heart injury in war-torn Afghanistan. ''This is a decidedly adult superhero story,'' says Favreau. (Fanboy FYI: Look for Stark's legendary drinking problem to pop up in possible sequels.)

Faithful to the comics and constructed by Oscar-winning F/X maestro Stan Winston, the Iron Man togs — a far cry from Stark's normal black-tie attire — are robo-cool but make for restrictive, sweaty duds. ''Robert was very bullish on wearing the suit whenever possible,'' says Favreau of his star, who bulked up for the role. ''Now I don't know if he's such a fan of that idea.''
Posted May 02, 2007


Kell Trenzer said...

They gotta go with cool villans though. Unfortunately, Iron Man has exactly zero.

Stuff Daddy said...

Yeah, mostly big companies like Stane and A.I.M. or a bunch of losers like Whiplash and the Melter.

Superdave said...

I am the Mandarin! Kneel before this well-accessorized walking stereotype! You are doomed, dooooomed! Mwah ah ah!!!

Stuff Daddy said...

Ok... Let's research this:

Ani-Men I
Ape-Man I
Bird-Man I
Cat-Man I
Count Nefaria (Leader)
Frog Man
Black Knight II
Blizzard II
Chemistro III
Circuit Breaker
Crimson Dynamo I
Crimson Dynamo II
Crimson Dynamo III
Crimson Dynamo V
Crimson Dynamo VI
Doctor Demonicus
The Exemplars
Fin Fang Foom
Firebrand I
Firebrand III
Iron Monger
Justin Hammer
Living Laser
Madame Masque
Radioactive Man
Titanium Man I
Titanium Man II
Yorgan Tykkio

Wow, do his villains suck! Ok, I would pick Madame Masque, Justin Hammer, Iron Monger and The Beetle. A.I.M should be like Spectre is in James Bond.

kell trenzer said...

Okay Beetle it is. Then we spin it off into the Thunderbolts movie which would totally confuse people.

Stuff Daddy said...

Beetle with the large suction fingers that look like vacuum fingers.