Monday, February 04, 2008

Iron Man Screen Shots!

Like the immortal Casey, Tom Brady is only human and perfect is a tall order. An order we almost made. While the rest of the country thinks we're cheating, pompous losers, who got what they deserved, we stiffen our lip and remember that we have a special team, one of the greats, something special and more Spartan then most teams will ever know. We will show them all next time and the "cheating," issue will be put in perspective, as it becomes more and more clear that its as common in football as steroids in baseball (football, and the Olympics too).

While my fellow Bostonians whimper and shuffle their feet at what could have been, I will try to lose my self in the future: what could be and what will be.

The truth is, football is way out there. Far, far away. On the other side of Summer. On the other side of The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man! So let's enjoy something we all can get behind. Iron Man ass kicking stills from the Super Bowl commercial!

(click em all to see em big!)

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kelltrenzer said...

looks pretty good!