Friday, February 15, 2008

A Peek at Batman: Gotham Knight

Batman: Gotham Knight, The Origin

Batboy: Mmmm, I love me some Batman.

Anime Girl:
Oooh, this Anime is soo honey!

(violent collision here!) Crash!! Zang!! Queeerp!!
(don't ask, I just like 'queeerp')

Batboy: Hey manga mouth, you got your Anime all over my Batman!

Anime Girl: Hey yourself, you ugly American clown, you got your Batman all over my luscious Anime!


Anime Girl:

(they both pause and stare at the goopy mess of Batman and Anime scattered everywhere..)

You know, it kind of looks... cool..

Anime Girl: And kind of... badass...

I love you.

Anime Girl:
You had me at bitch!

(cue lurid fan orgy)

And then all of a sudden this came out..

Looks good!

The trend is curving up again for DC/Warner Animation!

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