Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Superhero Movie Trailer

This thing kind of looks funny and kind of looks stupid in the kind of funny way that stupid looks when it's actually quite funny, except for the bits that seem a little too obvious, which are just too blatantly stupid to be funny except when sometimes they are, but you don't want anyone to know you watched it, so you cleverly wait until it comes to cable, but uncleverly not long enough to show on the movie channels you pay for, just the pay the pay-per-view channel that charges half of a ticket price to watch it, which then you forget you ordered and then have to admit to your roommate that you rented, in a big bubble of shame.
Enjoy the "Superhero Movie" trailer Here!


Kell Trenzer said...

How many people actually made "Scary Movie", cause these bastards churn out some lame-ass spoof every other month. None of the "_______ Movie"s have ever even in the smallest sense been funny.

Stuff Daddy said...

This is actually being made by the Zucker Bros. who made Airplane, The Naked Gun and Hot Shots and not the Wayans Bros. who made the Scary Movies, White Girls and the one about the little person who pretends to be a baby stuff. That may or may not matter, but the buzz on this is that its actually funny. I will probably see it since its derivative of Spider-man and I love Spidey! Josh Bell would make a good Blue Beetle..

kell trenzer said...

it still says "from the makers of scary movie and naked gun". naked gun was funny but I'm not sure you would want scary movie in there. I love spidey too but it looks kinda like a shot by shot spoof of spider-man. which was 6 years ago.