Friday, March 07, 2008

The Name Is Stark, Tony Stark

Updated!! Here's another one!!

I found this beauty Here!

This takes me back to the old James Bond and Star Wars movie posters.
A few bloggers are calling it "Cliché."
They're almost correct.
Its "Gloriously

It was a time when a movie poster wasn't about being different or creative or strange.

It was a time when a poster could say:

"Hey yuze guyz!
Ya want ta see a movee?
Dis one's got a smart looking serious, determined hero guy ready ta fight,
a big, bad, bald guy who's evil (so watch out!),
planes flying,
some big robotos,
a buddy
a redheaded goil!"

Okay, maybe that's more of what Popeye might say, but you get the idea.

Popeye would, make a great movie reviewer.
I got nothing..

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